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JDA Software Named Supplier of the Year by Carlson Hotels Worldwide

  • JDA Software Group, Inc.
  • 03.13.08
JDA® Software Group, Inc., a leading provider of pricing and revenue management solutions, was named Supplier of the Year by Carlson Hotels Worldwide during the Global Awards Ceremony at Carlson’s 2008 conference in Las Vegas on February 26.  

Carlson’s relationship with JDA Software began officially on April 17, 2007, when it announced a ground-breaking agreement to implement a cutting-edge revenue optimization platform. The first phase of that project, the chain-wide implementation of JDA Software’s demand forecasting solution was completed in December 2007. JDA® Demand, powered by Manugistics®, provides a flexible, sophisticated enterprise-wide solution that identifies regional demand dynamics and utilizes local market metrics to deliver a demand outlook that helps increase revenue for franchisees.

Paul Kirwin, president of Carlson Hotels Worldwide, said, “This award honors a highly productive year, featuring an exciting relationship in which JDA proved to be more than just a technology provider.  JDA worked with Carlson Hotels Worldwide to understand what we’re trying to achieve, and collaborated with us on the technological roadmap that will get us there.  We are extremely optimistic about the ground-breaking potential of this program, and for the financial benefits it will deliver to our hotels.”

“JDA was nominated for this award because the company is working with us to change the game,” added Jim Rozell, senior director of revenue optimization for Carlson Hotels Worldwide. “We worked collaboratively to combine the expertise of our joint team and JDA’s software to create innovative processes never before used in the hospitality industry. This includes new methods to factor local economic trends, regional demand-driving events and historic book patterns into Carlson’s demand forecasting process, which will lead to significant RevPAR growth for participating hotels.”

JDA group vice president, revenue management, Andy Archer, said, “We are delighted to be honored with this prestigious award, particularly on the occasion of Carlson’s 70th anniversary.  It has been exhilarating working with Jim Rozell and his team – they have a fresh perspective and provided us the opportunity to take a new look at an industry we know extremely well.  Our work on this exciting project has confirmed our belief that the hotel industry is ready to move in the direction of price sensitive revenue management in the same way as our customers in other industries.” 

Archer added, “Carlson is leveraging techniques proven by JDA Software in other industries and is developing effective forecasting and revenue optimization solutions faster than its competitors, making revenue optimization a true competency, rather than a technology.  This enables Carlson to deliver money-making recommendations to its hoteliers while creating a powerful database that can be used far beyond the traditional revenue management process.” 

Archer noted that Carlson’s new revenue optimization and regional forecasting capability is strengthening the company’s already close relationship with its hoteliers, many of whom lack the expertise or resources to devote to forecasting at the property level.

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