An IT Checklist for the Start of a New Year - Making the best of your IT budget

  • Omni Group
  • 03.17.08

Many hotels budget for IT equipment upgrades and replacements at the start of each year. Sometimes the budget is for specific items, such as new workstations for certain departments or people.  Other times, a lump sum is allocated, the exact use to be determined by specific needs during the year.

The following is an excerpt from an article by Geoff Griswold of the Omni Group. To read the article in its entirety, please click the link at the bottom of the page.
Where a general budget exists, there are certain items that should receive priority when upgrading.  Internet modems and routers are sometimes overlooked items that need replacing.  Dropped signals or slow performance can be because of faulty equipment.

These items are readily available at the retail level or from your Internet provider.

Be aware that installing replacement modems and/or routers may require reviewing the settings in the existing equipment.  There can be several layers of settings, so be sure that all of them have been documented before the new equipment is installed.  Refer to the in-house IT department or the Internet provider for more information.

As a general rule, do not press the reset button on these devices as this will erase any custom settings and restore the devices to the factory settings.  In some cases this might be fine, but in others required customized settings will be lost.

Not all modems/routers have the same functionality.  Be sure that replacement items have the required features for the installation.  The equipment replacement costs of a modem and a router can be as little as $100 (both units).  Replacing this equipment every three years can prevent frustration when trying to surf the Web or send and receive e-mail.

It may seem obvious that a server is critical to many applications, but sometimes servers can be ignored in the upgrade process, until serious problems develop.  While replacing an entire server can be expensive, critical components can be upgraded at significantly lower costs.
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