SquirrelOne Helps Pastiche Deliver A Unique Restaurant Experience

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 03.28.08
When Pat and Julie Connors opened Pastiche for business 10 years ago, they purchased a Squirrel Restaurant Management System.

Pat had worked with Squirrel at a previous job and was very knowledgeable about the system and service offerings. And, when he and Julie opened Pastiche, a Tucson, Ariz.-based restaurant, they wanted to serve a wide variety of food styles. “I knew that the Squirrel system had the functionality to handle the different modes of operation that we planned to offer at Pastiche,” he said.  “I also knew that it was easy to make changes to Squirrel.  With a concept like Pastiche, where operational and menu changes can happen at a moment’s notice, not having to worry about keeping the point of sale system up-to-date is a huge benefit.” 

Pat and Julie have upgraded their point-of-sale system over the years and are now running with Squirrel Systems’ latest version, SquirrelOne.  They use SquirrelOne for point of sale as well as employee time and attendance and payment card processing.  Pat said, “Our staff loves Squirrel.  Speed and ease of use are very important.  Our servers know that money is made at the table and not at the POS terminal.” 

At the core of SquirrelOne is the Microsoft SQL database.  With a concept that changes frequently, Pat and Julie are constantly reviewing analysis data.  “SquirrelOne offers us access to data in practically infinite combinations,” said Pat.  “This allows us to have the information we need to react and make critical business decisions in real time.”

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