Being Green Comes Naturally to PhoneSuite

  • PHONESUITE Telephony Solutions
  • 04.07.08
Since its inception in 1998, PhoneSuite has made it a priority to leave as little of an environmental carbon footprint as possible.

PhoneSuite is known throughout the hospitality industry for providing an affordable phone system that interfaces the hotel’s PMS and guest service solutions into one platform and package.  But what most buyers of this system don’t know is that they are saving more than money – they are helping save the environment.

“PhoneSuite systems consume an average of 30 watts of power compared to our competitors who typically use nearly 600 watts,” said Steve Bettencourt, vice president of sales.  “That is a staggering amount of energy and money that the hotel property can save over even a short period of time.

Specifically designed as an ultra-low power consuming system, PhoneSuite products have no moving parts and therefore give off very little heat or electromagnetic energy.  Unlike some other systems, PhoneSuite products do not require a special environment with ventilation.  “As long as you keep it dry, you can literally put it anywhere,” said Bettencourt.

The usual down-side to environmentally-friendly products is that they tend to cost more upfront; however, PhoneSuite is recognized as one of the most affordable providers of feature-rich PBX solutions in the hospitality industry. “Not only are you saving money upfront by purchasing a PhoneSuite product, but you will potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in energy conservation over the life of the PhoneSuite system,” said Bettencourt.

Another important aspect of PhoneSuite is that from beginning to end, everything is manufactured in the U.S.A.  This includes all of the design, assembly, testing, quality control, and shipment. The only foreign components are the raw, unstuffed circuit boards.  When these require repair or recycling, PhoneSuite is able to repair 90 percent of the boards.  The other 10 percent goes directly to a local recycler in Boulder, CO, who oversees the recycling instead of sending the boards overseas to be disassembled under less than environmentally friendly circumstances, as so often happens.

“Being environmentally friendly and conscious of our energy consumption isn’t something that PhoneSuite developed in order to jump on the ‘green’ bandwagon – it is something that has been a part of PhoneSuite from day one – it’s in our DNA,” said Bettencourt.

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