Creative Hospitality Associates Becomes Roomlinx’ Sales Partner

  • Roomlinx
  • 04.16.08
Roomlinx, Inc., a hospitality in-room expert providing Internet-based business, media and entertainment solutions, announced Chicago-based Creative Hospitality Associates (CHA) as its sales partner for all products and services including the new Roomlinx In-Room Media & Entertainment system.

CHA is a full-service hospitality consulting firm with a proven track record of growth and expansion for hotels, restaurants, clubs, multiunit properties and gaming ventures.

“CHA’s expertise has infiltrated the hospitality market,” said Mike Wasik, Roomlinx CEO. “Partners Chuck Hamburg and Brian Margulis are on the cutting edge of what is happening across the entire hospitality spectrum – from the academic arena to lodging/gaming and restaurants. The credibility these two industry veterans possess, coupled with the coveted relationships they have solidified over the past 30 years, we believe will quickly help to open doors to new customers for Roomlinx. We are absolutely thrilled with the relationship.”

CHA’s main objective, Wasik said, is to build awareness and expand distribution of Roomlinx’ interactive, TV-based  system. The Roomlinx system gives guests instant access to some of the most comprehensive interactive services ever created for in-room access, including:  hotel services, video on demand, standard free-to-guest international/U.S. television programming, DVR capabilities, local news/weather/business/sports updates, streaming music, iPod/MP3 compatibility, shopping, Microsoft-compatible business productivity tools, concierge assistance (including boarding pass printing) and PC/Web-based games. For hotels, the Roomlinx system offers the ability to significantly increase revenues through multiple avenues including e-commerce relationships, local and national advertising partnerships, business services and on-demand programming.

“CHA is like the E.F. Hutton of the hospitality industry – when Hamburg and Margulis speak, people listen,” Wasik said. “This team has the innate ability to get in front of the biggest movers and shakers of the hotel and restaurant worlds. Even more exciting, is that they are as eager to take Roomlinx to market as we are. When prominent researchers of this caliber see your vision and share your passion, the sky is the limit.”

According to CHA’s Hamburg, “It was serendipitous that we met Roomlinx. As a hospitality professor at Roosevelt University for 37 years, I’ve done my fair share of research. It didn’t take a lot of study to see that the Roomlinx system was a perfect fit for our customers – and vice versa. I honestly believe that Roomlinx is the technology of the future. It’s an evolutionary system that reinvents itself based on market and demographic demands. More importantly, it bridges the gap between the guest experience and operational revenue generation.

“I say this because Roomlinx is a solution that my partners and I believe in for the benefit and welfare of the industries we’ve given our lives to,” he added.

Margulis, an adjunct professor of hospitality management at Roosevelt University and former chapter president for the Illinois Restaurant Association, will work on boosting Roomlinx e-commerce business by introducing marketing opportunities to CHA’s restaurant clients and fellow members of the International Foodservice Executives Association. By partnering with Roomlinx, local and national foodservice establishments and other entertainment entities will strengthen brand awareness and increase revenues via exposure through the Roomlinx system. This, in turn, brings in non-traditional revenue streams for the hotel.

“In laymen’s terms, Roomlinx is cool stuff,” Margulis said. “When we looked at Roomlinx, we knew we found a solution that we wanted to get in front of as many people as possible because we know it offers the next great point of differentiation to travelers. We have seen the reaction from some of our existing customers regarding the Roomlinx product demonstration and it has been very positive.”

Bringing Roomlinx to the casino market is another top priority for CHA’s Hamburg.

“Today, gaming accounts for only 40 to 45 percent of revenues for many casino operations,” Hamburg said. “Other sources of revenue come from food and beverage, entertainment, special events and more. Coincidentally, all these services can be promoted to guests in their rooms via the Roomlinx system.”

The Roomlinx system offers hotels one of the most advanced, innovative information and communication devices available. Through solid partnerships, Roomlinx provides every room with a unique system that includes: a 32-inch HDTV, a Windows-compatible media console, a wireless keyboard and remote both with an integrated mouse, a Roomlinx Media & Entertainment Software Package, 24/7/365 help desk support and a complete HSIA network upgrade.

“With Roomlinx technology, a hotel’s guestroom landscape is transformed into a dynamic and interactive environment coupled with revenue generation for the property,” Wasik said. “By implementing Roomlinx, hotels will provide an unforgettable guest experience and a reliable infrastructure for guest Internet usage.

“We came out of the gate in 2008 with a bang, and with CHA now as our sales partner, we know this is going to be a dynamic, industry-changing year,” he said.

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