INNCOM Joins with Williams Applied Products to Offer Cutting-edge HVAC Technology

  • Honeywell
  • 06.03.08
INNCOM International, a global leader in energy-management systems and products for the lodging industry, has joined with one of the nation’s leading HVAC manufacturers to develop technology that will deliver greater levels of precision HVAC control to guests and better energy efficiency—thus, lower operating costs—to hotels.

Niantic-based INNCOM is teaming with Oklahoma City-based Williams Applied Products Group, whereby INNCOM is developing a controller that Williams Applied Group will use in fan-coil units. The state-of-the-art controller will maximize guest comfort—thus increasing guest satisfaction—and will drastically reduce hotel-operating costs, thanks to dramatically improved energy efficiency while simultaneously controlling humidity.

According to Ed Winter, director of technical services for Williams Applied Products Group, the INNCOM/Williams venture came about during planning for the upcoming installation of HVAC units in a Florida hotel.

“The engineer wanted a unique comfort-control solution for the project in Florida, where cooling and humidity control are definitely required,” Winter said. “The hotel uses INNCOM for its HVAC controls, and this required the INNCOM controllers be adapted to ‘talk’ to the Williams Fan Coil. Hotels are a major part of our business, so it made sense to get together with INNCOM to develop this new controller for use in our Williams Fan Coils.”

Rick Bostian, vice president of sales for Williams Applied Products Group, said the INNCOM-developed fan-coil control is a first for both the HVAC and the hotel industries.

“This is a combination of techniques previously applied, but it’s the first time all are being applied in concert due to adaptation of the controls,” Bostian said. “The technology has been available but is now affordable and configured to be used in both new-construction or retrofit applications.”

The primary objective of a state-of-the-art HVAC unit, whether in heating or in cooling, is to deliver the highest comfort level using the least amount of energy, Winter said. The new INNCOM controller enables this to happen.

“A four-pipe system is the most energy efficient-system if the terminal units, as well as the central system, are controlled to satisfy demand and not cycle on and off,” he explained. “The goal is to track the load and minimize the amplitude of performance versus the set point. This new system uses both variable air and water flow or variable electric heat to satisfy the space, minimize cycling and maintain precise humidity control; even in setback mode.

“Thanks to this venture with INNCOM and their development of the fan-coil controller, we’re now able to offer this capability in our HVAC units,” Winter added.

“We are extremely pleased to be joining with Williams Applied Products Group in what we see as a win-win situation for all involved,” said INNCOM CEO Duane Buckingham. “The benefits to hotel guests, is that they will be able to have precisely controlled guestroom heating and cooling much more quickly—and with a dramatic reduction in fan-unit noise.

“With INNCOM’s controller contribution to the new fan-coil unit, the hotel industry now will be able to reap the benefits of this close collaboration of two major players,” Buckingham added. “For hoteliers, the INNCOM/Williams collaboration will result in higher levels of guest satisfaction and significantly lower energy costs—and that’s truly a win-win situation.”

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