Joie de Vivre Hotels Installs HotSOS to Help Enhance Guests’ 'Joy of Life'

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 06.03.08
Joie de Vivre Hotels is known for offering guests the kind of memorable experience that enhances their own “joie de vivre,” the French phrase meaning, “joy of life,” after which the company is named.

In order to get that crucial job done more efficiently—and more cost-effectively—Joie de Vivre has teamed with MTech to bring the joy of HotSOS to its hotels.

MTech’s popular Hotel Service Optimization System, or HotSOS (pronounced “hot sauce”), enables hotels to streamline their guest-services processes, such as guest-request and incident reporting, rapid-response workflow and preventive-maintenance workflow. The popular HotSOS product is just one example of why Miami-based MTech is considered one of the industry’s leading providers of innovative, cutting-edge technology that helps hotels improve communications and operations, increase productivity and maximize guest satisfaction.

San Francisco-based Joie de Vivre Hospitality is one of California’s largest boutique-hotel companies, with more than 30 properties throughtout California, and with plans to expand its statewide presence beforethe end of 2008 in Sacramento, Huntington Beach, Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz.

“We take great pride in making our guests’ stays at our hotels as memorable as they can be,” said Michael Stano, Joie de Vivre’s vice president of technology, “and we feel the best way to enhance that effort is to bring HotSOS to our properties. Joie de Vivre has been aggressively deploying centralized technology solutions—including Opera Multi-Property—so that we can truly achieve a 360-degree view of our guests’ preferences, history and so forth. HotSOS complements this strategy and will empower our users, and management, to deliver a truly unforgettable guest experience.”

Stano said Joie de Vivre would begin phasing in HotSOS over the next month or so, beginning with installation in 10 properties. “Eventually, we’ll have HotSOS in all of our hotels as we expand our presence in California and beyond,” Stano said.

Luis Segredo, MTech’s president and co-founder, said having a leading boutique-hotel company such as Joie de Vivre Hotels choose HotSOS is further proof that the system’s huge popularity is well earned. “We’re excited and gratified to add Joie de Vivre to our ever-growing client list of hotels and hotel companies,” Segredo said. “Joie de Vivre Hotels understands the critical importance of delivering the best possible service to its guests, and its management team understands the value of HotSOS and its ability to offer and maintain world-class guest service quickly, thanks to smarter management decisions that are based on up-to-the-minute, enterprise-wide business intelligence.”

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