CAPTON's RFID Liquor Control Solution Proves Itself at Hyatt Regency McCormick Place

  • Capton
  • 09.21.06
Capton announced that a successful test of its patented RFID liquor control solution, Beverage Tracker, has been completed at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

The Hyatt Regency McCormick Place annually plays host to thousands of hospitality industry experts who attend the National Restaurant Association Show. This year, the hotel's popular NetWorks Bar & Lounge had an extra added element - RFID. Behind the scenes, Capton's Beverage Tracker wirelessly monitored each and every drink served in the bar's normal operations, tracking not just the exact amount of liquor poured by the bartender, but the brand, the time and date. Further comparison and analysis of pour data from the Beverage Tracker system with POS data showed when drinks were under poured, over poured or simply never recorded in the POS.

Beverage Tracker is more than cutting-edge RFID technology. It's really about return on investment (ROI), which is an important buzzword among revenue-conscious executives today. Capton data gathered during the test period at the Hyatt showed that the system could generate more revenue while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Dave Claich, NetWorks Bar & Lounge assistant manager said, "The technology is amazing. There is no interruption in bar service, it's invisible to our guests and yet I can see when someone is off track in their drink preparation. I can sit down immediately and discuss any issues as they occur. It's a great training tool."

Dan Piccolello, EAM-F&B director added, "We used jiggers before and during the test. We wanted the comfort of knowing we had some form of portion control in place. But the test proved conclusively that jiggers did not assure accurate portions. Capton's team worked closely with us and we saw exactly where our ROI opportunity was. We then met with our bartender teams, showed them we could see the tails, the top-offs, the heavy pours and the missing drinks. The resulting effects on our liquor costs were instantaneous. We immediately saw a 22 percent drop in pour averages and saw an 11 percent missing drink rate drop to practically nothing."

George Vizer, general manager Hyatt Regency McCormick Place said, "I've seen lots of these systems come along, but they have always been either too complex to maintain or too easy for bartenders to beat. Capton came in and said they would prove it to us and they did. They proved not only that their solution works; but that they are committed to making sure we see a return on investment from using it. I was impressed with their team, their approach to the project and the way they stayed with us after the installation to make sure we were successful. I would recommend them to anyone in hospitality interested in improving their F&B bottom line and the guest experience."

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