Caller ID and Microsoft® Map Point Integration Displays the Direction to Success with Squirrel

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 06.05.08
Michael Savvis, owner of Rodos Kouzina Mediterranean Grille and Pegasus Pizza, has managed to triple sales at the location since his acquisition of the business five years ago. 

The table-service side of the business, Rodos Kouzina, uses SquirrelOne as its point-of-sale solution.  Due to the ever-increasing volumes Michael decided to extend the Squirrel system to include Pegasus Pizza which, up until that point, had been running manually. 

The SquirrelOne software easily accommodated the new concept on the same system that was running in Rodos Kouzina.  It was as simple as adding a new revenue center to the existing system, an additional terminal and adding Squirrel’s CRM 2.0 Delivery module.

Squirrel’s CRM Delivery module includes an interface to both Caller ID and Microsoft® MapPoint.  When a call comes into the Pegasus Pizza delivery line, the phone number is automatically passed to the CRM Delivery system and queried against the database.  If there is a match, then the customer record is brought up on screen.  The record includes all relevant contact information as well as order history.  The order-taker has the ability to quickly re-order from the delivery module if a regular guest wants to repeat a previous order.   If the call is from a new customer, then a record is started for the order with the customer’s telephone number already populated.  The new system improves speed of service significantly over the manual system by reducing the amount of manual input required to create an order.

An order that is identified as a delivery order is automatically queried with Microsoft MapPoint and directions from the restaurant to the customer’s location is printed at the bottom of the guest check for use by the delivery personnel. 

“We have a great crew of long-time staff working at both restaurants,” said Savvis.  “Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of turn over with the delivery drivers.  We are constantly bringing on new drivers and dealing with their learning curve as they get familiar with the neighborhood.  The MapPoint integration really helps us ramp drivers up much faster.”

On a recent Sunday, Savvis had to pick up the car keys and start delivering himself to keep up with the volume of a very busy day.  “I even had to take on deliveries recently,” he said.  “I’m familiar with the neighborhood but this is a growing area and having the directions on the guest receipt was helpful even to someone like me.”

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