EzRMS™ implemented by Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

  • Infor, Revenue Management
  • 06.06.08
The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy announced that it has signed an agreement for the implementation of the EzRMS™ Internet Product Suite at its unique property in the heart of Amsterdam.

Bart van Bakel, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, Amsterdam is confident that the system will enhance the hotel’s productivity and increase profits, “In a high competitive market like Amsterdam the ability to predict booking patterns and revenue streams is becoming ever more important,” he said. “Even with a concept that is totally unique, the Lloyd Hotel still needs to adapt to changes in overall market demand and pricing. After all, we need to keep in mind that lost revenue for an unsold room can never be recuperated, so we need to make sure our rates are right in the customers’ perception. We believe EzRMS™ will give us the management information we need to make better business decisions and increase our overall performance.”  
Clive Taylor, vice president – operations at EasyRMS said, “Amsterdam attracts many visitors every year from numerous countries and cultural backgrounds.  The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy has entered into this challenging environment by offering the capability of not only various room types but also by offering a star type rating from one star to five stars.  This flexibility gives a client the option to decide what best room type suits them whilst having the luxury of staying in a modern hotel with designer rooms and a restaurant on the waterfront close to Amsterdam's bustling centre.  EasyRMS is pleased to have been selected to assist the hotel management to offer the best pricing in this unique environment by forecasting and reporting by room category.  This is a most exciting partnership and we look forward to working closely with Bart and his management team to meet the needs of both the hotel and its clients moving forward.”

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