Second Rule LLC and GBCblue Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Guest Computer Internet and Business Center Services for Hospitality Market

  • Ascension Software™
  • 06.10.08
Second Rule LLC, a manufacturer of IP3 NetAccess Visitor-Based Gateways for managing control and security of wired and wireless Internet access, announced the forming of a strategic partnership today with GBCblue, a leading provider and innovator of self-service guest computing and automated business center services for the hospitality market.

For hotel guests, the partnership promises more reliable and secure Internet experiences. For hoteliers, the partnership promises more robust and flexible guest-billing and chargeback capabilities for Internet access and business center computing services.

Via IP3 NetAccess Gateways, guests using GBCblue computing services experience simple computer sign-up and log-on to the Internet from guest rooms, lobby areas and hotel business service centers at fast Internet bandwidth speeds. The built-in billing features of the IP3 NetAccess Gateways allow hoteliers to easily monitor, track and bill hotel guests as appropriate for their specific Internet access and usage. The integration of the IP3 NetAccess Gateways into other GBCblue automated business center services equipment, such as copiers and printers, also allows hoteliers the same ease and flexibility to bill hotel guests for those services used in a similar manner.

According to Victor Alikin, CEO of GBCblue, “Security and reliability are GBCblue’s core principles. It’s paramount to our brand that we only work with companies that can match our level of commitment to product and service excellence. It was immediately evident that a partnership with Second Rule was possible and beneficial to our clients.”
Alikin further noted, “Second Rule’s proven hospitality market experience and continued commitment to providing the most technologically advanced and reliable Visitor-Based Gateway solutions sets them apart from the competition today and long term. IP3 NetAccess Visitor-Based Gateways are easily the most superior products of their kind on the market. The same can be said about our line of computer systems. The synergies between our two companies promise new technological advancements with enhancements in service quality and continuity.”

Andrew Marshall, president and CEO of Second Rule added, “The true value and success of any strategic partnership is determined by how well you answer the needs of your customers. GBCblue has an outstanding suite of guest technology-services to offer the hospitality market and has an impressive number of customers throughout the United States and Canada. Together we have a strong, proven and profitable solution for our customers.”

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