UniFocus’ Time & Attendance™ First to Seamlessly Integrate with “Smart” Labor Management System

  • UniFocus
  • 06.11.08
UniFocus, a global pioneer in the hospitality industry for performance, workforce management and closed-loop feedback solutions, announced its milestone release of Watson, R.M.™—with seamless integration to time and attendance, forecasting, scheduling and evaluation and budgeting.

This major release provides simple access to a wealth of workforce information from a single color-coded dashboard.

Previously, hospitality and resort operations have often had to construct interfaces to integrate time and attendance, budgeting and scheduling with their labor management systems. UniFocus offers one of the first application suites which brings these components all together, making it easier to produce real knowledge.

“We are proud to be the first hospitality-based technology provider to offer the complete cycle of resource management applications combined in a single integrated suite,” said Mark Heymann, UniFocus president and CEO. “At UniFocus we have always invested in our R & D resources to ensure our customers have the most advanced technology available at their fingertips and that we’re putting more power into their hands.

“In addition to the new software, we now provide a new time recording communication clock that enables punch control based on integrated schedules without the need for managers’ overrides,” continued Heymann. “This is a true paperless solution that incorporates punch corrections and measurement to standards, enabling organizations to fully exploit today’s smart technology.”

The new labor management technology from UniFocus actually gets smarter over time. Watson, R.M. utilizes regression analysis to help managers optimize their workforce schedules by identifying relationships between key factors, such as number of guests versus number of covers at any given time. It also automates the process of tracking job rotation or days off and instantly prompts the user for any conflicts. Most importantly, hospitality organizations can now employ the same standards in their day to day labor management and their annual and periodic budgeting.  The Watson R.M. suite eliminates any conflict over whether managers are accountable for budget or daily labor standards.  Organizations can utilize all labor related data for online analytical processing to yield more timely and accurate forecasts.

“We are particularly pleased to announce the latest release of Watson, R.M. with its progressive Web-based time and attendance technology,” said Ken Heymann, UniFocus COO. “Together with the fully integrated Watson Labor Scheduling Module, managers can easily create group or individual schedules and run reports for absenteeism, time off and see who is late or early. Watson R.M. provides seamless integration with time and attendance, short-term forecasting, scheduling and budgeting—all accessible from a single source.”

Managers and administrators can easily reap the benefits of a smart labor management system using UniFocus' Watson, R.M. System. Labor hours are integrated into the Labor Management System (LMS) and reports may then be created on the fly based upon any set of criteria. Its powerful reporting capabilities include comparative analyses —and an online viewer that enables management to see who is clocked in or clocked out in real time.

Watson, R.M. Time and Attendance system is a powerful solution that integrates with biometric or badge-reader systems. It is also Web-based, so companies using manual solutions can also enjoy access to rich labor information—any time, any place. This enables you to identify overtime situations, correct mispunches or errors and ensure accurate management reports. At the touch of a button you can allocate time to tasks for future job costing and various work allocations.

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