Mintek to Introduce WinTrack PMnet at HITEC

  • Mintek Mobile Data Solutions
  • 06.11.08
Mintek Mobile Data Solutions, one of the lodging industry’s leading providers of automated asset management and preventive maintenance (PM) systems, will unveil WinTrack PMnet at HITEC (booth No. 823).

The annual technology event will be held at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, from June 16 to 19.

“WinTrack PMnet is a Web-based system that enables hotel owners and operators to manage five important processes: preventive maintenance, asset management, capital expenditure (CAPEX) planning, work orders and document and contract management—all from one online location,” said Lind Hutton, president of Dunedin, Fla.-based Mintek.

WinTrack PM, the cornerstone of Mintek’s suite of asset management and preventive maintenance systems, has always been a desktop application. With WinTrack PMnet, however, that has all changed. Engineers responsible for overseeing PM at a property or multiple properties can now update and monitor scheduled PMs, rounds and work orders from any computer with an Internet connection.

WinTrack PM software incorporates handheld devices and bar coding to ensure that PMs, rounds, inspections and work orders are accomplished on time. Bar codes are discreetly placed on every item needing a PM. When an engineer scans a bar code, it prompts him to answer previously determined questions. After the PM has been completed, the bar code is scanned again. Each step is recorded within WinTrack PM.

Mintek’s system adds accountability to the PM process because managers know exactly when an engineer was at a location, what was recorded, and how long the engineer was there. WinTrack PM automates PM scheduling and streamlines the work order process.

WinTrack PM utilizes Motorola’s MC Series of handhelds that feature color screens, increased RAM, and powerful processors that dramatically increase scan times. Windows Mobile devices include wireless radio options and function using Bluetooth, WAN or WWan systems (Sprint, Nextel, Cingular).

In addition to providing the means to monitor PM, WinTrack PMnet also provides the ability to track thousands of assets at multiple properties—from cradle to grave—by centralizing access to asset information. Those assets’ maintenance and warranty history also can be tracked. With such a robust online inventory of assets, combined with the PM history of each asset, hotel operators can more easily perform CAPEX planning and more quickly provide owners with detailed asset status reports.

“What is unique about WinTrack PMnet is that it can track items such as furniture, equipment, beds or any other item throughout a system of hundreds of hotels,” Hutton said. “You can quantify the projected replacement cost of an item and predict when it is going to need to be replaced. WinTrack PMnet centralizes the planning and purchasing of assets. Being able to purchase in bulk for multiple properties saves time and money.”

Here is just a sample of the types of reports that can be generated from WinTrack PMnet: PM history reports, inspection result reports, round history reports, open work load reports, parts needed reports and facility overview. Other types of reports can be created with Mintek’s built-in report writer.

Another integral part of WinTrack PMnet is WinTrack WORX. It enables anyone outside of the engineering department of a hotel—housekeeping, general managers, food and beverage staff and others—to submit work orders via the browser-based WinTrack PMnet. The status of each work order—whether “Open,” “Assigned,” or “Closed”—is visible along with the name of the engineer assigned to perform the task. E-mails automatically sent from the system keep staff up to date on work order status.

“Hoteliers traditionally have used several, often inefficient methods to submit and track work orders,” Hutton said. “These have included phone calls to engineering, written work orders and shared spreadsheets. WinTrack WORX consolidates the best work order processes in one online tool and ensures that no maintenance issues fall through the cracks. The end result is superior guest and staff satisfaction.”

Work orders, which can be filtered by problem type and location, can be reviewed in a calendar mode, enabling managers to make quick assignments or reassignments. Access to WinTrack PMnet can be limited based on managerial responsibility.

Important documents such as warranties, architectural designs and maintenance contracts also can be stored as PDFs within WinTrack PMnet. Documents can be linked within the system to their related assets. An elevator and its PM history, for example, can be linked to its maintenance contract.

“One company was able to save $2 million in the first week just by analyzing maintenance contracts,” Hutton said. “PMnet made it easy to assess contract status.”

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