Caterease Upgrades Dominate Industry

  • Caterease Software
  • 06.13.08
Caterease Software, a revolutionary leader of the catering and event management software industry, has one of the most aggressive upgrade policies of any software provider worldwide.

In addition to major version releases at least once a year, users of this progressive program who hold an active maintenance plan enjoy new features on an almost monthly basis – most of which are based specifically on user requests, and all of which are completely free of charge.

“It’s really unique in the industry,” said George Kopriva, Caterease director of operations.  “We have thousands of users all over the world, and of course they all have great ideas of how to make Caterease even better.  Well, not only do we implement those ideas into the program, but we also make those new features immediately available so that people can benefit from them right away.”

“Most software companies upgrade their programs rarely if at all,” Kopriva said. “And often those upgrades offer just a handful of obscure features.  With Caterease, users can update every month or so and get a dozen or more features, or wait until the full version update at the end of the year and get hundreds of enhancements at once.”

In addition to being free of charge, Caterease updates are also incredibly easy to access.  “All users have to do is click the ‘Help’ drop-down menu in the program,” explained George Rowe, technology manager for the company.  “There they have an option called ‘Caterease on the Web’, where they can simply choose ‘Download Latest Update.'  The update installs itself automatically, updating all existing data in just moments.”

In just the past several weeks alone, Caterease customers have been able to take advantage of such useful features as a handy new custom print option, the ability to e-ail a group of employees or clients at once, default signatures in outgoing e-ails, a tool to combine duplicate clients, a reminder to change an event’s status when you post a payment and a host of other practical, every-day tools.  The list of improvements in any given month, Kopriva contends, is more than many companies offer in a year.

“It’s really a win-win situation,” Kopriva said.  “Our customers get features that make sense to them, and we get a product that is immensely more marketable.”

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