Pegasus Solutions Upgrades First Hotels to RezView® NG

  • Pegasus Solutions Inc.
  • 06.13.08
Pegasus Solutions, Inc. has completed the first successful round of upgrades to its next generation CRS, RezView® NG, which represents a major leap forward in CRS technology.

The official debut of the much anticipated reservation platform was completed upgrading more than a thousand properties from Grand Heritage Hotel Group, Great Hotels of the World, Turkey Direct, Sercotel hotels and other independent properties. Pegasus anticipates the successful upgrade of 1,000 more within the next two weeks.

Since its initial announcement at HITEC 2007, RezView NG has been lauded as the breakthrough needed to bring reservations technology into the 21st century, addressing key industry issues such as the ongoing escalation in online shopping, the development of consumer recognition and the growing demand for rich content. Now, with a string of successful upgrades, the product has passed a test in terms of delivery and capability, according to Mike Kistner, Pegasus chief executive officer and president, reservation and distribution services.

“Our competitors have been holding their breath regarding the first successful upgrade to RezView NG because of its significance for the global hotel community,” said Kistner. “If it can stand the test of an actual implementation, as it has three times over, and deliver on providing the next generation capabilities we’ve promised, as it is, then we know we’ve succeeded in our quest to address the fundamental problems with central reservations systems for the industry.”

RezView NG was developed based on the stability of Pegasus’ existing CRS platform and the software, technology and expertise Pegasus secured through its 2007 acquisition of GuestClick. The resulting enterprise solution provides chains, representation companies and independent hotels with a one-stop shop for easy management of room and non-room item inventory, status, restrictions, pricing and policies. Additionally, the product offers dynamic packaging, universal integration with external applications and operation in multiple languages. The support for current and future business requirements together with an agile development methodology and fully scalable technology make RezView NG future proof. 

“RezView NG is the most functionally robust and highly configurable CRS in the industry,” added Kistner. “Capable of processing transactions for many thousands of hotels, it consistently maintains sub-second response times at even the highest transaction loads.”

Pegasus plans to upgrade more than 12,000 properties to the next generation platform over the coming year.

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