VingCard Announces Efforts to Go Green

  • ASSA ABLOY Hospitality
  • 06.23.08
In the current North American hospitality market, an estimated 18 million traditional plastic keycards are discarded by hotels and their guests every week, ultimately ending up in landfills across the continent.

Additionally, experts say the industry could save as many as 9 million batteries each year by switching to more energy efficient locking systems. With this in mind, VingCard®, a leading hospitality security provider and part of the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Group, is introducing new eco-friendly initiatives to support hoteliers’ efforts to go green.

Innovative recycled keycards are now available to VingCard customers, and one unique guestroom door lock not only operates on fewer batteries than traditional electronic locks, but it also gives hoteliers the option to forgo keycards altogether.

“In an effort to support the overall green efforts of the hospitality industry, we are pleased to offer these new eco-friendly security alternatives to our hotel customers,” said George Winker, vice president of business development for ASSA ABLOY Hospitality North America. “In making these options available, we hope to encourage hotels and resorts to choose products that enhance their current green initiatives, while maintaining the same level of security the industry has come to expect from VingCard.”

For hotels using magnetic stripe or smartcard operated electronic locking systems by VingCard (including the Signature and Classic product lines), more eco-friendly keycards can help reduce waste created by traditional plastic keycards. VingCard now offers the AB RecycledCard™, an alternative for hotels taking steps to go green.

Made from Earthworks™ environmentally friendly plastic, the RecycledCard offers the same level of security and the same high-quality printing and personalization as traditional plastic keycards at no additional cost to hoteliers. Non-magnetic stripe cards are made from 100 percent recycled plastic, while magnetic stripe cards are made from 88 percent recycled plastic.

“Hotels and resorts that choose to switch to recycled keycards should be commended for their eco-friendly efforts,” Winker said. “Also, green-thinking hoteliers now have the option to install RFID electronic door locks that have the potential to eliminate the need for keycards altogether for hotel guests with NFC-compatible cell phones.”

Signature RFID/NFC by VingCard, a new radio-frequency identification electronic locking system, features near field communications (NFC) cell phone compatibility, allowing hotel guests to use their next-generation NFC-compliant cell phones to open guestroom doors. Prior to arrival at a hotel, guests will receive a booking confirmation number, room number and encrypted room key access code through short message system (SMS), allowing them to skip the check-in line upon arrival and go straight to the room, where their NFC-cell phone will unlock the door – eliminating the need for a keycard to be issued. Hotels can also use guests’ cell phones to track loyalty points, rather than issuing plastic cards.

Additionally, Signature RFID/NFC locks promote green efforts by requiring fewer battery changes than traditional electronic locks, meaning less waste (not to mention lower battery costs) for the hotelier. Signature RFID/NFC’s sealed hardware design also means less maintenance because the locking mechanism does not require cleaning.

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