Elsafe Previews New Sentinel II In-Room Safes at HITEC

  • Elsafe®
  • 06.25.08
Elsafe®, a leading provider of electronic in-room safes and part of the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Group, released its new Sentinel II in-room safe series at HITEC in Austin, Texas, June 16-19.

Elsafe is the only hotel safe manufacturer that has achieved UL (1037) certification after passing extensive testing for physical break-ins, endurance and jarring by the world's most prestigious, reliable and professional testing organization, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

“Elsafe is once again setting the pace for in-room safe innovation,” said Marc Freundlich, president and CEO of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality North America. “As more hotels worldwide begin adopting RFID and RF-online electronic locking systems for their guestrooms, including Signature RFID/NFC by VingCard and VISIONLINE by VingCard, we have simultaneously designed a new, stylish in-room safe series that operates on either digital keypad, RFID and/or RF-online platform, which can be opened by a personalized digital keypad combination or the guests’ unique RFID room key.

“Our safe technology works in tandem with the leading Signature RFID contactless electronic lock from VingCard,” he added. “Thanks to VingCard’s exclusive anti-cloning technology, Sentinel II RFID/NFC can only be opened with the designated RFID guest key or NFC cell phone. This represents a major improvement when compared to the security shortfalls of older mag-stripe operated safes, which can be opened with both a valid guest card and also with a valid guest card copy issued at reception. This represents a security challenge because guests often leave the spare copy unattended in the room.”

Sentinel II combines the same unmatched security standards Elsafe is known for around the world, packaged in a functional, modern design, making it an ideal in-room safe for quality- and design-conscious hoteliers, without compromising guests’ security needs.

Freundlich also said that while many in-room safes may appear similar, it’s what is on the inside of Sentinel II safes that makes a big difference in security. In addition to featuring an industry-leading audit trail and an attractive, ergonomic design, there are four unique features that, while invisible to the guest, make Sentinel II the most secure series on the market, and also helped Elsafe obtain its UL certification for this series. These features include:

  • Hook-style interlocking mechanism
  • Anti-tamper labyrinth mechanism that avoids reaching the electronics
  • Solid piece, cold-pressed curved steel door that provides additional strength
  • Extended solid steel hinges permanently arc-welded to the door 
“As these unique features show, not all safes are created equal,” Freundlich said. “Looks can be deceiving – and today, more than ever, hoteliers must align themselves to offer new standards to protect guests’ and owners’ assets.”
Like Signature RFID/NFC by VingCard, Sentinel II RFID is compatible with all main RFID ISO standards (ISO 14443 A-MIFARE, ISO 14443 B, ISO 15693) and the new near-field communication (NFC) secure transaction platform, soon to be deployed in cell phones worldwide. Sentinel II is also built to be compatible with VISIONLINE RF-online solutions from VingCard.

Sentinel II safes can hold up to a 17-inch laptop computer, and an optional internal power outlet is available on the inside of the safe door for guest convenience. In addition, the safe has been designed to accommodate external battery changes, so internal contents are not disturbed if a battery must be replaced.

Part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, Elsafe has been a leading provider of safes to the hospitality industry since introducing the world’s first electronic in-room safe in 1979.

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