LG Electronics Awakens the Senses with Comprehensive Technologies, Interactive Solutions at InfoComm 2008

  • LG Electronics
  • 06.25.08
LG Electronics showcased some of the industry’s most innovative flat-panel and connectivity solutions at InfoComm 2008.

Blending advanced technologies and stylish design to fit a wide range of environments, LG demonstrated its broad line, including Full HD 1080p LCD and plasma HDTVs; advanced stretch screens and touch digital signage applications; and remote jack pack (RJP) solutions.

“Today’s fast-paced business environment requires advanced technology to help spread strategic messages to broader audiences,” said Ron Snaidauf, vice president, commercial products, LG Electronics USA, Inc.  “Our unique line of versatile flat-panel displays for the education, retail, hospitality/lodging and healthcare industries position LG to offer a diverse, single-source solution optimized for a variety of commercial environments.”

As integrators seek more creative signage solutions to help attract and connect with customers, LG’s digital displays readily meet this requirement, Snaidauf explained.  New interactive elements and futuristic product technologies such as multitouch displays, triple-view, mirror and 3D monitor LCDs, “engage the senses and extend the end-user experience,” he said.

LG understands that offering secure technology, superior content and easy connectivity is paramount to customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry.  LG’s LCD HDTVs and HD monitors for the hotel suite, lobby – even a casino floor – boast the latest in display technology.

Business owners looking to provide high-definition content to their venues will find LG’s integrated LCD and plasma HDTVs with built-in MPEG-4 decoding technology make this possible.

LG delivers some of the industry’s first HDTVs with built-in MPEG-4 H.264 decoding technology for displaying satellite-delivered HD content.  Integrated MPEG-4 technology increases the number of HD channels, providing guests more entertainment options and hoteliers access to a broader range of content.

LG Electronics also was the first in the industry to include the industry-standard Pro:Idiom™ digital rights management (DRM) system, a robust, highly secure technology platform that helps to provide rapid, broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content. This DRM solution was developed to meet the requirements of high-value content providers to protect digital video and audio content, provide a cost-effective solution for integrators, pay-per-view (PPV) providers and manufacturers, offer a low implementation complexity to allow easy adoption by all parties, and allow system specifications to be controlled by stakeholders in the respective industries.

Addressing the need for connectivity, LG’s unique Auto-Sensing Remote Jack Packs (RJPs) (models RJP-110F, RJP-110FW, RJP-110W) can sense the audio and video source automatically allowing hotel guests to check e-mail, play music and watch the big game all through one interface. 

While connectivity plays an integral part in in-room entertainment, LG’s LC50 series LCD displays (available in 42-, 37- and 32-inch class sizes) provide hoteliers with LG’s Dynamic Power Savings feature, which allows hotel operators to adjust settings which may help to reduce energy usage. Hotel guests are treated to a premium experience with smart technology in upscale design with LG’s 42LB5DC Full HD 1080p television. A Super IPS 178-degree viewing angle, and speakers located on the bottom for tight-fitting areas make this unit a sleek addition to any hotel room.

LG’s three new plasma HDTVs (models 60PG30FC, 50PG20C and 42PG20C) boast a combination of advanced technology and sophisticated design.  With a sleek invisible speaker system and proprietary public display settings that lock the control panel so the TV image can not be disturbed in a public setting, these plasmas are ideal for commercial applications.

While all three plasma models are built around long-life 100,000-hour panels (approximate), the 60-inch class size PG30FC is LG Commercial’s first plasma Full HDTV 1080p commercial grade television. In a 3.3-inch thin design, the HDTV plasma also boasts a super high contrast ratio of 30,000:1 and provides whiter whites and richer blacks. Also on display, the 42PG20C and the 50PG20C, will showcase their adaptability with three HDMI inputs with deep color. 

For other applications like casinos and restaurant/bar venues, LG offers the 38-inch class size stretch screen (model M3800S-BN).  With a height approximately one-half that of traditional monitors (12.98 inches high by 38.92 inches wide) this model features slim dimensions and offers a high-end solution for tighter spaces or end cap placement.

LG’s diverse digital signage line-up lends itself to a variety of installation and control options. At InfoComm, digital signage models M4210N-B21, M3800S-BN, M2900S-BN and M3201T-BA will be arranged in various applications to demonstrate options for digital menus, wayfinding and more.

LG’s 42-inch class model (M4210N-B21) highlights easy content control though an integrated controller. In addition, this model is capable of portrait and landscape orientation as well as a self-video wall up to a 4x4 matrix allowing for a variety of installation options. 

Engaging the attention spans of customers and retailers are LG Electronics’ new LCD touchscreen monitors. Designed to bring advanced display capabilities to enliven any retail environment, the 32-inch (model M3201T-BA) class size touchscreen model on display blends crisp image display and the ability to provide real-time information in one package.

LG Electronics’ 29-inch class and 38-inch class stretch screen LCD HDTV Digital Signage Monitors (model M2900S-BN and M3800S-BN) feature advanced slim display technology, and is roughly one-half the height of a traditional HD display. Ideally suited for end cap placement and hard-to-fit installations, including retail or grocery market environments, LG’s stretch screen has a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and is controllable through the RS-232C input. 

Hospitals, classrooms and other business environments have a diverse set of needs from easy connectivity, high definition technology, to the secure delivery of premium, interactive content.  As these requirements are integral to all environments, LG is displaying new technologies that help personalize and satisfy each audience. 

LG’s flat panel technology is not only innovative, but also invigorates the space in which it is placed. With the 52-inch class size LCD (model 52LG50DC) students can view their curriculum through HD displays and split screen lesson plans which help make learning more exciting. LG’s HCS5610 box is ideal for non-Pro:Idiom enabled sets in the education and business environments as it allows these models to become Pro:Idiom equipped for HD content protected channels.  The auto-sensing RJP models provide easy connectivity with a PC, DVD/VDR player or audio equipment.

LG’s healthcare models, the 32LH1DC1 and the M4210C-BH, are UL hospital-grade listed. The 32-inch class size LCD also has MPI capability, and a built in pillow speaker port for patient control of volume and channels. The M4210C-BH versatile installation options allow the product to be used as a monitor in a conference room and when the HCS5650 box is attached, the unit transforms to a television with Pro:Idiom and pillow speaker capability.

The new technologies in LG’s innovative products on display at InfoComm establish LG as a leader in both digital signage and commercial display. 

Driving LG’s creative side, the prototype Triple View 47-inch class LCD panel is ideal for advertising and engaging multiple consumers at one time. 

Customers view three different images or advertisements based upon their angle of view to the monitor. The monitor is Full HD capable with a 1080 x 1920 (in portrait orientation) display resolution. 

LG will also be showcasing the new True3D monitor, which offers a new way of engaging customers in a retail environment through an interactive three-dimensional viewing experience, where special glasses are unnecessary.  Through its use of stereopsis, model M4210D-B21 is an exciting alternative to traditional digital signage. The 3D monitor has interactive elements and a compact 42-inch class screen with full HD 1920 x 1080 display resolution.

Another highlight of the LG Electronics’ InfoComm booth is a live demonstration of Unotchit Inc.’s patented LongPen™ technology, the first long distance, real-time, real pen and ink writing and signing device. Representing a giant leap forward in marketing and publicity, it operates over the Internet and incorporates video conferencing, allowing celebrities to meet with fans and sign autographs from anywhere in the world.

The LongPen™ demonstrations will feature LG’s 47-inch class LCD HDTV display (model M4712C-BA), will include Daryl Johnston, former Dallas Cowboys fullback and sports commentator.  This technology complements LG’s digital signage offerings, promising to make a retail store a destination where fans can interact with their favorite authors, musicians, actors, athletes, performers and other celebrities.

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