Lorica Selects Control4® Operating System as a Hospitality Platform for In-room Controls

  • Lorica Solutions
  • 06.26.08
Control4 Corporation and Lorica Solutions announced that Lorica will be including Control4® solutions as an option to its customers purchasing the Lorica Room Center, Lorica’s fully managed converged network specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

Additionally, the companies will be integrating the Control4® Operating System into the Lorica Room Center, so that customers that want the complete Lorica – Control4 Solution have a more tightly integrated and efficient platform.  Embedding the Control4 Operating System into the Lorica Room Center provides a practical, reliable automation solution to control lighting, room temperature, television/video systems, music, draperies and requests for services with a single remote.

“A Control4-enabled Lorica Room Center combines practical, easy-to-use room automation and control with an already powerful communications hub for hotel and resorts,” said Will West, chief executive officer at Control4. “We are pleased to be working with Lorica to provide guests with a personalized experience perfectly suited for each stay that builds on their innovation.”

Lorica Solutions is the developer of the Lorica Room Center (LRC), a fully managed converged network specifically designed for the hospitality industry. The Lorica Room Center acts as a communications hub and monitoring node for all in-room devices, enabling new technologies like HDTV while providing proactive monitoring and support from Lorica’s 24/7 network operations center and help desk. The Lorica Room Center has wireless AP’s for HSIA and ZigBee onboard.

“This strategic relationship with Control4 will enable us to provide the next level of comfort and convenience for hotel and resort guests,” said Mark Holzberg, chairman and CEO of Lorica Solutions. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Control4 in transforming the automation industry and to enhance the value proposition of the Lorica Room Center.”

To facilitate interoperability and integration between partner products and Control4’s digital platform, Control4 is licensing its operating system.  With C4iQ™ approved technology installed, consumers will be able to use Lorica Room Center to control lighting, room temperature, security, window treatments, as well as music and video systems, eliminating the need for a stand-alone controller.

C4iQ approved-technology enables companies to embed the Control4 Operating System into a range of products, such as televisions, network switches, routers, receivers, etc.  By leveraging multiple IP technologies (for example, Linux, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet standards), Control4 has tackled the problem of too many remote controls and a proliferation of disparate digital gadgets with limited or no interoperability.  Control4’s C4iQ initiative aligns well with Lorica’s converged IP-based architecture and its ZigBee and Wi-Fi integration.   In addition, Lorica will become a Control4® Preferred Distribution Partner, which will allow Lorica to design, sell and install Control4® Suite Systems products within the hospitality market.

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