Trust International’s Upgraded Trust|Voyager CRS v.12 Provides More Information, Saves Time

  • Trust International
  • 06.27.08
Trust International announced that it has launched version 12 of its Trust|Voyager CRS (central reservation system) for hotels with enhancements designed to improve accuracy, flexibility and customer interaction and allow quicker and easier inventory control.

Trust International, a leading provider of reservation services and distribution technology, seamlessly deployed Trust|Voyager CRS v.12 to its hotel and hotel group customers on June 2 as planned. Trust has received very positive feedback on the enhancements from its customers.

Julie Garrett, brand revenue and distribution manager of The Rocco Forte Collection, said, “The new features on the Trust Voyager CRS bring many benefits to The Collection, enabling us to improve our channel specific room and rate descriptions and ultimately improving the service offered to our guests.  The new features mean the system is much more user-friendly and faster for our reservation agents.”

She added, “We have used Trust's distribution technology for over a year and are very pleased with the continuous delivery of the latest technology enhancements, which complement and advance our overall distribution strategy.”

The first key new feature of Trust|Voyager v.12 is an improved channel-specific rate and room type description.  Voice agents using Trust|CRO, the CRS booking front end customized for call center
Trust|reservation handling, now see even more information specific to their selling process to empower them better answer detailed questions from guests and provide more upselling options at their fingertips during guest calls.

A second key feature is an enhanced calendar module that makes daily rate setting even easier than before to make maintenance a breeze.  A new dynamic mouseover capability immediately tells the user which value is loaded for each room type for a rate, for single, double or rooms with extra beds as they roll over the date.  The information is immediately available with no need to scroll through different menus or click on dates – undoubtedly delivering one of the fastest rate overviews in the industry.

Other features/upgrades include:

  • In the CRO module, there is a new summary screen at the end of the booking process that shows the agent all reservation details on a single screen to enable verification of the details before closing the booking.
  • Cancellation policies are now available in multiple places written in complete sentences rather than cryptic codes so that they are easily accessible at all times and less subject to misinterpretation (i.e. “cxl:6-p” is now “reservation can be cancelled until 6 pm on day of arrival”).
  • Total pricing for online distribution database (ODD). 

“Our customer advisory board participants have said they want us to make it quick and easy to access rates and other information to help them better serve and upsell guests and that forwarding of net and gross rates to the ODD was a top priority,” said Christoph Ihnenfeld, Trust International CIO. “Our new Voyager features deliver on those requests and are a direct result of our desire to anticipate and meet our customer’s needs.  All of these enhancements speed up the processes; allow quicker, easier inventory control, reduce errors and increase flexibility in handling room inventory.”

“We take pride in our all of our services and are particularly proud of our voice services and our products that empower agents to sell and up sell to achieve the highest ADR of all channels,” said Richard Wiegmann, chief operating officer, Trust International.  “Whether it is Trust’s agents or a hotel’s own agents interacting with guests, our continual improvements to Trust Voyager equip them perfectly to sell the hotel’s products.  While there is a tremendous emphasis on the Internet channel, we firmly believe that it is important to continually improve products and services for all the channels that contribute to hotel groups’ success in distributing their rooms to guests.”

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