Pegasus and Travelport GDS Announce Exclusive Agreement to Help Boost Hotel Commissions Earned by Travel Agencies

  • Pegasus Solutions Inc.
  • 07.11.08
Pegasus Solutions, Inc. announced an exclusive agreement with Travelport GDS, one of the world’s leading providers of global distribution systems (GDSs), to offer Galileo-connected travel agencies a reduced price on its commission processing services.

Initially planned for the EMEA and ASPAC regions, the agreement will enable Galileo agents to more easily reconcile hotel bookings and significantly improve tracking and collection of hotel commissions. The agreement was reached to help agents boost earnings from hotel commissions at a time of reduced commissions in other travel segments. 

“Our research has shown that Pegasus Commission Processing is the preferred commission service for agents, and we want to make sure agents have the opportunity to take advantage of it,” said Mark S. Dubrow, president of Pegasus financial services. “This exclusive agreement with Galileo facilitates access for Galileo-connected travel agencies at a reduced price so they can break through to the benefits we offer.” 

Pegasus Commission Processing streamlines commission payments for hotels and suppliers, and facilitates collections for travel agents. Processing more than $500 million in commissions each year, Pegasus delivers agents regularly scheduled, consolidated payments in their preferred currency. A 2007 survey of select worldwide agents showed more than 85 percent would prefer to book a hotel that pays commissions through Pegasus than a hotel using another payment provider. 

The exclusive program negotiated for Galileo agents will transfer booking data from the Galileo GDS to Pegasus, which will then process, reconcile, consolidate and make weekly payments to agents who have signed on, according to, Jane Lewis, senior director hospitality and car rental, EMEA and Asia Pacific for Travelport GDS.

“This agreement is a major initiative for Travelport GDS, and will greatly support our Galileo-connected agents at a time when their commission earnings from other travel sectors are shrinking,” said Lewis. “Research we conducted recently indicated that as many as 68 percent of our agents indicated they would make more hotel bookings if hotels paid commissions in an agent-friendly manner. Where a hotel rate is commissionable, an agent can earn as much as $34 per booking. By making this automated Pegasus service available and affordable for our Galileo agents, we will be offering the best solution in the marketplace and really begin addressing the challenges agents face when collecting hotel commissions.” 

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