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Vendue Inn Mixes Southern Hospitality with RFID for Results

  • Capton
  • 10.01.08
Capton announced that the Vendue Inn located in Charleston, S.C. has garnered great results using Capton’s RFID-based Beverage Tracker solution to monitor its bar operations.

The Beverage Tracker system installed at the Vendue Inn utilizes RFID-enabled liquor pour spouts to provide a clear picture of exactly how each drink is prepared, how the guest is served and how the transaction is handled in the point-of-sale (POS) system. Anytime there is a variance from what is expected, the system can spotlight the event to management for follow-up action.

Before a system goes live, Capton provides an instructional program for managers and bartenders to understand how the system works, and to test their own skills. Then for the first few months following installation, Capton continues to work with bar managers remotely, examining the results of selected sales and pours, hunting for inaccurate pours, and maintaining scorecards for each bartender.

“Utilizing the bartender scorecard method developed by Capton’s Professional Services Division, we have been able to achieve and maintain 80 percent to 90 percent pouring accuracy,” said the Vendue Inn’s bar manager, Jay Anneaux. “We wanted a solution to promote consistency in drink preparation, which we know translates into reduced liquor costs. Our Rooftop Bar and Restaurant does over one million dollars in annual revenue and has a very experienced bartending staff. Capton definitely helps us maintain a high level of pouring accuracy without interfering with normal bar operations.”

“We saw our liquor costs drop two to three percentage points from the very start,” said the Vendue Inn’s assistant manager, Jerry Kerwin. “There has been a consistent five percentage point drop overall since the installation of the system at our property in May.”

“We are very pleased with Capton’s approach and business process,” said the Vendue Inn’s general manager, Susie Ridder. “The results pretty much speak for themselves in terms of seeing and sustaining a positive ROI experience. It’s nice to know the solution works just as well for a small luxury hotel like ours as it does for a large chain hotel.”

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