Maitre'D by Posera Helps Turtle Jack's Impose Superior Cost Controls in its 12 Restaurants

  • Maitre’D by Posera
  • 10.10.08
Turtle Jack's of Ontario, owned and managed by the Tortoise Restaurant Group, was founded in 1991 to be the "first and finest cottage themed restaurant" in Canada. Inspired by Aesop's legendary story of the tortoise and the hare, Jim Lishman, president of the group, named the restaurant as a tribute to the protagonists' best qualities: the consistency of the turtle and the confidence of the jack rabbit.

Like the speedy hare, Turtle Jack's has since grown to twelve restaurants featuring casual, family-friendly dining. But the key to sustained success is ensuring consistency: Turtle Jack's realized it needed a way to hold each location accountable for cost controls. Troy Warrington, Manager of Information & Technology, says his company wanted a POS that could help them "gain better management control over inventory levels, food costs, operations and cash flow."

Solution: Maitre'D has the reliability and ease-of-use Turtle Jacks needs
For Warrington, Maitre'D proved the right choice for its ability to demonstrate "fast, reliable service. We could depend on the software to work with minimum downtime, and it was easy to use." Maitre'D also came with helpful features, such as an inventory module and a corporate broadcaster that allows Warrington to make database changes at every restaurant without physically visiting them.

Results: Centralized management, real-time reporting and informed pricing
"Maitre'D gives us the ability to stay on the cutting edge of POS technology and its advantages," says Warrington. In addition to the Inventory feature, Turtle Jack's uses the Labor Management, Electronic Funds Transfer and Accounts Receivable solutions. Streamlined into one corporate whole, Turtle Jack's can now review theoretical costing for a weighted sales mix. Real-time reports help individual units manage margins and inventory levels. And Turtle Jack's can analyze its existing menu for insights that can help them make more informed decisions about pricing structures, recipe opportunities and production scheduling as they design new menus.

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