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PSAV Leverages its Broad Footprint to Make Green Meetings, Environment Greener

  • PSAV® Presentation Services
  • 10.29.08
The move towards going green is in the air – literally. According to PSAV® Presentation Services, a leading supplier of audiovisual and event technology to hotels, associations, producers and meeting planners worldwide, one of the best ways to avoid negative environmental impact is to eliminate shipping imposed on event technology companies to bring in equipment.

Working with a local company – or being a locavore – dramatically reduces the carbon emissions footprint.

“Locavore,” the 2007 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year, was created to describe a trend in using locally grown ingredients, taking advantage of seasonally available foodstuffs that can be bought and prepared locally, and protecting the environment by avoiding shipping. This word exemplifies how food-lovers can enjoy what they eat while still appreciating the impact they have on the environment.

With more than 800 event-service locations worldwide, and more than 600 across the United States, PSAV is helping meeting planners and meeting facilities to truly be green just by having its multiple equipment warehouses and offices in close proximity to events and major meetings destinations. Only PSAV can provide event technology in virtually every key meeting city with little to no additional shipping costs, and only PSAV can support the same client throughout the world.

“We recognize that as a global company we have an impact on the environment through the goods we purchase, the manufacturing and production we finance, and the investments we make,” Davies said. “We provide more products locally to reduce the environmental impact related to shipping, where practical.

“Using local gear, local technicians, and local production talent means that meeting planners and event facilities are making a direct, immediate positive impact on the environment rather than a negative one,” he said. “One of the biggest points of differentiation when partnering with PSAV is that we provide on-site equipment, on-site personnel, and local distribution gear and people from all our divisions, and in turn we are keeping the air cleaner for everyone. With a little educational awareness, our customers are really responding to this local positioning – breathing easier, so to speak.”

The Convention Industry Council recommends that meetings incorporate Energy Star-compliant equipment whenever possible. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency began its Energy Star program in 1992 to promote energy efficient products.

One aspect of Energy Star compliance, however, provides a significant challenge for commercial AV gear: products burning electricity while idle must power down during periods of apparent inactivity. Obviously, complying with this basic requirement would be counterproductive for a projector, for example, running during a lengthy general session.

Beginning in 2006, European countries approach these environmental challenges in a new way, with “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment” – or the RoHS Directive. RoHS mandates that levels of hazardous substances (like lead, mercury, cadmium and others) be significantly reduced when built into products in the first place, which appreciably simplifies recycling and reduces contamination threats to humans and the environment.

“PSAV looks to both ENERGY STAR and RoHS for guidance in environmentally processing its equipment,” said Brian Lagestee, PSAV senior vice president of technology and business development. “The PSAV product management department has managed to achieve 100 percent compliancy in several ENERGY STAR and RoHS product categories.

PSAV is committed to buying equipment that demonstrates efficient use of electricity, minimal use of hazardous substances and practical recycling,” he added. “In fact, PSAV has mandated a certified safe disposal program of its electronic components. In addition, PSAV’s purchasing policies prioritize equipment that is either ENERGY STAR or RoHS compliant.”

“Letting customers know about PSAV’s green practices is important, but sharing how they too can become ‘locavores’ and create greener meetings could be even more critical to success,” PSAV’s Davies said. “We are working to develop tools meeting professionals can use to quantify the reduction of carbon footprints through the use of local event technology.

“The bottom line is this,” Davies said. “PSAV will continue to be a socially responsible corporation, meeting demands for greener practices, and leading the way toward a greener future for the meetings and events industry.”

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