Hilton Hotels Extends Partnership with Swisscom

  • Swisscom
  • 10.31.08
Swisscom remains Hilton Hotels’s preferred partner for high-speed Internet access (HSIA) and conference services in continental Europe.

Swisscom will continue to provide its innovative HSIA to guest rooms, business centers and conference areas at 52 Hilton properties.

The new partnership agreement allows Swisscom to build and operate an integrated, wired/wireless network infrastructure in all Hilton properties it serves. Individual network upgrades have been carried out during the term of the previous partnership agreement already and will be continued over the next months. The new wired base infrastructure with a wireless overlay will allow guests to access very high speed Internet however they choose. Furthermore Hilton’s conference business will benefit from scalable bandwidth and maximum flexibility to meet corporate clients’ needs.

Swisscom started its cooperation with Hilton as a wireless HSIA guest room provider in March 2003. This relationship was subsequently extended with the delivery of Swisscom’s conference and business center services and earlier this year, Guestroom 2.0™ – a new premium Internet service packed with value-added features – was launched in more than 18’000 Hilton guest rooms. To back these services up, Swisscom offers a priority helpline for Hilton guests in eight languages.

"Our positive experiences with Swisscom have led us to pursue and deepen the cooperation," said Angela German, vice president IT field services at Hilton Hotels. "I am counting on Swisscom to keep a leading edge in high-speed connectivity services and to further accompany our geographical expansion into Central and Eastern Europe."

Leo Brand, CEO of Swisscom’s Hospitality Services Plus SA, said, “Hilton Hotels takes a central stage in our global network upgrade program, designed to provide Swisscom partner locations with a fully expandable, future-proof network infrastructure. It will serve them as a platform to deliver a new generation of guestroom services such as Swisscom IPTV but also any other IP-based application that they wish to integrate.”

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