INNCOM Enhances its ‘Glass Series’ Thermostat, Switch and Tabletop Controller to be More Interactive and Customizable

  • Honeywell
  • 11.06.08
INNCOM International Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of guestroom automation systems for the international lodging industry, has enhanced the functionality of its newest solution – a design-centric energy-management solution made of recyclable glass that controls room temperature, lighting and more.

The complete Glass Series Smart Digital Thermostat, Switch and Tabletop Controller set will be on display in booth No. 3232 at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show Nov. 9-11 in New York.

“Since the initial launch of the INNCOM Glass Series in June, we have enhanced this green solution to be even more interactive for guests and energy-efficient for hotels,” said INNCOM CEO Duane Buckingham. “In addition to giving designers the much needed flexibility to work in-room electronics into the overall guestroom design scheme, we now are giving guests the added flexibility to dim their lights and facilitate ‘Privacy’ or ‘Make Up Room’ requests right from the Glass Series face plate on the thermostat, light switch and bedside controller. The new design brings all the functionality of INNCOM’s in-room control features to the guests’ fingertips including the patent-pending ecoMODE Green Button that gives guests the choice to participate in a host of environmentally friendly and energy-saving programs predetermined by the hotel.”

ecoMODE was the IH/MRS 2007 Kenneth F. Hine Best of Show award winner.

The Glass Series was originally developed at the request of leading industry designers to provide an elegant, yet highly functional, temperature control and EMS solution for the luxury segment. Based on strong customer feedback from hoteliers around the world since the product was introduced, INNCOM has enhanced the series to be even more customizable.

“Working with hotel design teams in China, India, Europe, and the U.S. we learned that giving each project a blank canvas in which they can customize the entry doorbell in the hallway and internal thermostat faceplate, switch, and tabletop controller in the guestroom – from the unit’s color and font style to the hotel’s logo and a host of in-room control features – is turning heads,” said Rick Quirino, INNCOM president. “Though the Glass Series is available in standard designs, the biggest advantage that we offer is giving designers and operators choices in customizing the complete set of glass guest interface devices in the room. Some hotels want a ‘Privacy’ button where others prefer to offer ‘Butler’ or ‘Valet’ service. For example, with the touch of a button a guest can have his or her car brought around to the front door and ready for them to depart upon check out.

“This is the most customizable room automation solution ever designed for the hospitality industry,” he said. “What once was a design challenge due to predetermined room layout and style now has become an exciting, personalized design opportunity. INNCOM has the capability of integrating lighting and room controls and tying both back to the building-management system. This is an on-going requirement of hotels requesting the design-centric EMS solution.”

“The only limits to this solution are those that lie within a designer’s aesthetic creativity,” he said. “New for IH/MRS is a dimming function that by sliding your finger up or down you can adjust the brightness of the guestroom lighting. Assigning different levels of light is not an easy technology – but it is one that INNCOM has mastered and truly complements ecoMODE. Because ecoMODE can integrate with a hotel‘s lighting circuitry, management can pre-set the lights to dim down to 80 percent power when a guest selects ecoMODE and turn them off when the room is unoccupied, just as it sets back room temperature.”

For more information on the new e4 Glass Series solutions, interested parties can visit INNCOM in booth No. 3232 at IH/MRS.

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