Pegasus and Net Trans Renew Partnership to Maximize Commission Payments to Travel Agents

  • Pegasus Solutions Inc.
  • 11.07.08
Hotel commission market leaders Pegasus Solutions, Inc. and Net Trans Services AS have extended an agreement to maximize the commissions travel agents receive from thousands of hotels worldwide.

Following the proven success of the initial partnership, first announced in November 2006, Pegasus and Net Trans extended for three years to help agents increase income, cut costs and streamline processes.
Net Trans, a leading collector of hotel commissions on behalf of travel agencies and booking professionals, and Pegasus, which pays commissions for more than 35,000 hotels and most major hotel chains, have created an electronic bridge for commission payment and processing. This has allowed the two companies to provide agents with less work via the automated process, faster payment with single electronic transfers, better data via payment consolidation for reconciliation, and ultimately, lower costs as fewer payment transactions have translated to lower costs.

By continuing for another three years, the two companies have dedicated to maximize agent incomes in a challenging time for the industry, according to Mark Dubrow, president of financial services for Pegasus Solutions.

“In today’s economic environment, every bit helps for agents,” said Dubrow. “Our contract with Net Trans will allow us to help those agents get paid with the industry’s preferred commission processing service from Pegasus, strengthened by Net Trans’ collection capabilities. The benefit for agents comes from two leading companies breaking through competitive barriers to boost the agents’ bottom lines.”

Together, the two companies are poised to significantly, and positively, affect the business of Net Trans customers, according to Martin Jorgenson, chief executive officer of Net Trans.

“We have a proven record of helping agents boost their income from hotel commissions by an average of 30 to 50 percent,” said Jorgensen. “By renewing our partnership with Pegasus, which processes more than $500 million in commissions each year, we continue to offer agents a powerful tool that will generate real income.”

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