Utell® Hotels Realize Year-on-year Revenue

  • Pegasus Solutions Inc.
  • 11.12.08
Utell Hotels & Resorts has reported strong year-on-year revenue increases for its top global hotels, with some top customers reporting gains as high as 68 percent.

Utell® Hotels & Resorts, the representation service of Pegasus Solutions, is dedicated to helping hotels compete successfully and saw its promotions and campaigns directly boost bookings among its member hotels worldwide. These gains demonstrate Utell’s value to independent properties and group hotels, according to Ric Leutwyler, president of Utell.

“Hoteliers are braving a challenging economic environment that requires them to seize every revenue opportunity,” Leutwyler said. “For independent hotels that compete with the big brands for global travelers, this requires developing a sound strategy, which Utell provides. As a result of our joint planning and execution, many of our top customers are seeing excellent growth rates of 20 percent to 30 percent, or more in some cases.”

Utell members reap the benefits of preferred agreements with major corporations, travel management companies and consortia groups. They enjoy preferred supplier status with 36 leading travel agencies in Europe, ASPAC and the Americas, including three of the largest global players. These advantages have helped hotels like Rotana surpass expectations with Utell, added Michael Marshall, Rotana’s corporate vice president of sales and marketing.

“As the leading hotel chain in the Middle East and North Africa, Rotana, with the help of Utell, has seen a 50 percent increase in revenue from Utell to-date this year,” said Marshall. “Utell has helped us leverage our brand’s potential on a global scale to gain vital exposure through international corporate travel programs, branded rate programs for travel agents and consortia, and annual campaigns with call centers in Europe.”

Representing more than 1.3 million rooms on six continents, Utell is the world’s largest hotel sales, marketing and representation service. Recently reporting an 89 percent increase in the number of hotels requested for global corporate travel programs, Utell also is adept in attracting business from a wide swath of travelers. This universal offering has helped the Golden Apple Hotel in Moscow realize a staggering 68 percent revenue increase.

“From day one, Utell has seized every opportunity to help us boost revenue,” said Maxim Golovatch, general manager of the Golden Apple Boutique Hotel. “As a city center boutique hotel, we strive to attract both corporate and leisure guests, which Utell tackles, and succeeds at, with great aplomb.”

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