Foxwoods Plays a Strong Hand with SAS and Netezza

  • SAS
  • 12.10.08
Foxwoods Resort Casino has chosen the Netezza Performance Server® (NPS®) data warehouse appliance and SAS® Marketing Automation software to analyze in more detail its gaming and hotel data to better serve its 40,000 daily customers.

In conjunction with Netezza, Foxwoods is expanding its data mart to collect more detailed gaming data and customer demographics for use in micro-targeted marketing campaigns, special offers and comps. With SAS, the leader in business analytics, Foxwoods will be able to analyze this data more closely and as a result will be able to make more precise business decisions that will enhance the company's marketing strategies.

The application of the Netezza data warehouse appliance in conjunction with SAS Marketing Automation will allow the capture of highly detailed data from a multitude of departments within the casino — including the hotel, spa, retail outlets, call center, ticketing, food and beverage, and the newly opened MGM Grand at Foxwoods — to gain a more sophisticated and detailed profile of their clients.

"When you're welcoming 40,000 people every day, developing strong customer relationships is crucial to persuading them to come back," said Michael Kutia, director of hospitality systems at Foxwoods. "Netezza's extreme speed, coupled with SAS Marketing Automation, enables Foxwoods to get to know our customers like never before. The insights gained from SAS and provided by our Netezza appliance let us alert customers of special offers that they'll care about and make them feel a part of the Foxwoods family." 

The power, flexibility and simplicity of the Netezza and SAS combination will allow Foxwoods' support staff to easily deploy and maintain the casino's data warehouse appliance, while performing critical analysis on that data. Netezza's scalability will give Foxwoods a platform that can easily grow as the casino adds more data sources and continues to capture increasingly detailed data. Meanwhile, SAS Marketing Automation enables Foxwoods to turn disparate, disorganized customer data into profitable marketing campaigns.

"We are pleased that Foxwoods Resort Casino has chosen Netezza and SAS for its customer data analysis," said Matt Rollender, director of strategic alliances, Netezza. "Instead of rolling the dice with an unproven solution, Foxwoods chose Netezza, the global data warehouse appliance leader, to get a handle on its customer data and selected SAS to turn that information into action." 

Scott VanValkenburgh, director for technology alliances at SAS, agreed. "Support for Netezza addresses demand for our SAS Customer Intelligence solutions to be available on that platform," he said. "Together, we are enabling our mutual customers, like Foxwoods, to maintain an integrated customer view and manage their IT infrastructure in real time by using all of their data when they need it."

The Netezza data warehouse appliance is built specifically to analyze terabytes of detailed data significantly faster than existing data warehouse options, at a much lower total cost of ownership. It stores, filters and processes terabytes of records within a single unit, analyzing only the relevant information for each query. Netezza has placed the CPU power next to the data, allowing its appliances to speed through processes that would occupy most data warehouse systems for hours or even days, thereby enabling dramatic increases in productivity across organizations like Foxwoods.

SAS Marketing Automation is part of a comprehensive suite of SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. It enables leading organizations like Foxwoods to improve marketing effectiveness and their bottom lines by making it easier to manage and execute sophisticated, timely, personalized customer communication strategies.  SAS Marketing Automation provides comprehensive data management, campaign management and advanced customer analytics in one integrated, easy-to-use solution.

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