Setai San Diego Partners with UniFocus to Up Wow Factor

  • UniFocus
  • 12.12.08
UniFocus, a global pioneer in the hospitality industry for performance, workforce management and feedback solutions, announced a new partnership with Setai San Diego to utilize the firm’s suite of business intelligence tools.

The new 184-room premier luxury hotel chose to partner with UniFocus because of its proven track record for correlating survey results from guests, employees and meeting planners; and factoring in mystery evaluations to produce meaningful knowledge that can measurably drive profitability.

The UniFocus survey tools that Setai San Diego will be utilizing include GUESTScope™, MEETINGScope™ and STAFFScope™. Feedback outcomes from guests, meeting planners and staff are analytically correlated to generate actionable information and then juxtaposed against mystery evaluations with SERVICEScope® to compare standards with actual perceptions. Together these systems create integrated business intelligence and can also be augmented with UniFocus performance analysis and action-tracking technologies.

“We are delighted to announce our new partnership with UniFocus,” said General Manager Craig Waterman. “Setai San Diego offers discerning guests and business-savvy meeting planners the highest standards in service, event space, design and amenities. We want to ensure Setai San Diego delivers on its promise by collecting the most reliable business intelligence about our associates, guests and meeting planners.”

UniFocus developed its feedback technologies for guests, employees and meeting planners so that each component can be utilized separately and benchmarked or used together as an integrated business intelligence solution. Information is created from survey analytics in an easy to understand and actionable format. A unique mystery evaluation process provides additional clarity into how service standards relate to employee attitudes and guest satisfaction, examining dimensions of service such as knowledge, communication, timeliness or quality.

“We are excited about our partnership with Setai San Diego to help them fully engage their associates to wow their guests and meeting planners,” said Mark Heymann, president and CEO of UniFocus. “Many of our clients understand that a dazzling experience hooks guests and keeps them coming back. It’s often not enough to hit your service standards, because you may not be impacting perceptions enough to create rock-solid loyalty.

“Our survey analytics can be correlated with mystery evaluations so that hoteliers make the connection between standards and perceptions, providing revealing insight,” Heymann continued. “Then by sharing this actionable knowledge across the organization you can involve your staff to make the kind of impressions on guests and meeting planners that inspire them to recommend and to keep returning as loyal customers.”

UniFocus’ loyalty management systems include:

  • GUESTScope™—one of the most advanced survey technologies available for gathering and evaluating guest feedback with questions designed to increase response rate. Assessment of value based on the impact of rate or length of stay, coupled with other key drivers of satisfaction, enable you to maximize the guest experience and ensure high levels of intent to return/recommend.
  • STAFFScope™—a scientifically developed system of gathering, analyzing and acting upon critical staff issues utilizing short, straightforward questions. STAFFScope allows you to correlate survey results with guest feedback and triangulate attitudinal, behavioral and demographic factors to effect positive change that re-engages your staff for improved performance and loyalty.
  • MEETINGScope™—one of the most advanced systems available for gathering critical meeting planner feedback during the entire event process, from start to finish. Its analytical database clearly shows your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to align the right staff with the right meetings—and beat the competition.
  • SERVICEScope®—a relational system developed by UniFocus that utilizes the industry’s most qualified certified evaluators and technologies to find out how service standards relate to perceptions and how employee attitudes impact service delivery and guest satisfaction.

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