Silvergreens Restaurant is One of the First to Offer Nutritional Information Printed on the Back of a Two-sided Receipt

  • NCR Corporation
  • 12.18.08
Utilizing technology from Nutricate and NCR Corporation, Silvergreens Restaurant announced it is one of the first restaurants to deliver personalized nutritional information on the back of its sales receipts with two-sided printing technology.

The solution is installed at Silvergreens Restaurant’s newly opened location in Santa Barbara, Calif.

By using the NCR RealPOS™ Two-Sided Thermal Receipt Printer – which allows businesses to print simultaneously on both sides of the receipt with dual print heads – the restaurant can deliver nutritional information to its patrons while keeping the length of receipts more manageable.  This approach increases customer satisfaction and helps Silvergreens save paper, up to 45 percent, by splitting the receipt.

“While some in the industry worry that showing the calories will scare customers, we felt it would be an advantage,” said Brian Rocha, operating partner of Silvergreens Restaurant. “Our customers love the receipt.  Virtually everyone reads their nutritional values, quizzes and coupons we offer.  The bottom line is that our customers appreciate the transparency and have rewarded us with loyalty.”

Nutricate’s software enables restaurants to communicate personalized nutritional information about customers’ orders. Silvergreens uses the NCR two-sided printer, which runs on a point-of-sale system from MICROS Systems, to print the information from Nutricate on the back of each receipt. This is a softer approach to communicating about nutrition in a restaurant environment. And, as an additional advantage, Silvergreens’ receipts can also contain targeted marketing messages and promotions.

“This exciting deployment opens the door in the restaurant industry for many useful applications of two-sided printing,” said Dan Bogan, vice president and general manager of NCR Consumables.  “NCR two-sided thermal printing is emerging as an industry standard in receipt printing, with the flexibility to run on nearly any vendor’s system.”

Jay Ferro, chief executive officer of Nutricate Corporation, added, “Incorporating NCR’s innovative two-sided printing technology with Nutricate’s marketing and nutrition communication software is a true win-win for the foodservice industry.  It increases the amount of information operators are able to provide their customers in a highly personalized and engaging format.”

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