MSI First Annual Consultant Roundtable is a Huge Success

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 12.22.08
Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI), a leading provider of hospitality technology and services recently hosted its first consultant roundtable, featuring some of the industry’s best and brightest minds.

In an effort to further the company's own understanding and expose its servant leadership style, MSI brought together several of hospitality’s leading consultants for a one day session to further understand trends and the overall current direction of the hospitality industry, from an external point of view. 

“MSI takes great pride in nurturing the relationships they have built and those they have yet to discover.  This conference was not just about technology, nor was it to focus on MSI hospitality technology products and services.  It was an opportunity for all involved to come together, and compare an understanding of hoteliers’ needs and desires as well as learn about potential concerns that need to be addressed,” said MSI President Tim Tiller, following the meeting.

MSI welcomed Dr. Dan Connolly, associate professor of information technology at the University of Denver’s School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management as the moderator for the day’s activities.  Dan walked everyone through a series of targeted questions providing a collaborative environment where information freely flowed.  Using a break out group methodology, Dan presented each question and allowed the diverse group to debate, generating agreed upon responses. Groups rotated to maintain diversity in responses.  After all questions were discussed, Dan brought the group back together later in the day to review.  The consistency of responses was astonishing. 

When asked what they hoped to take away by participating in this unique industry event, Mark Haley, partner at Prism Travel & Hospitality said, “I have had very little exposure to MSI.  I am interested in learning from the other great minds in the room, as well as gaining a better understanding of MSI and their solutions.”

John Burns, president Hospitality Technology Consulting, said, “I have seen MSI from the periphery, I hope to gain a better understanding of where they fit in to the mix of technology providers.  At the end of the day, I understand that MSI is clearly more than a PMS provider, the company’s offerings go beyond technology.”

Dan Connolly agreed, “[MSI] truly has a customer-centric focus and is offering a number of value-added services that take the company beyond that of a typical property management system (PMS) provider.”

“When it comes to technology, our industry has worked hard to create specifications [HTNG], MSI has gone further in its technological pursuit,” said Darrin Pinkham of DP & Associates.

Dave Berkus who has had the greatest level of exposure to MSI agreed “that the leadership team and products have evolved beyond expectations.”

A full recap of this annual event to be published on MSI’s Web site in January, along with each of the consultant’s biographies.

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