FCS iServices Now a Nortel Select Product

  • FCS North America, Inc.
  • 01.15.09
FCS Computer Systems announced that FCS iServices IP touch screen content engine for hotel guests has been designated a Nortel Select Product.

Through this designation, Nortel recognizes iServices as a leading technology that strategically complements the Nortel CS1000, Hospitality Messaging Server 400, and IP Phone 2007 offering for hotels.
iServices achieved Nortel Select Product status based on Nortel’s analysis of the FCS Computer Systems’ business plan and input from Nortel customers. Additionally, FCS Computer Systems successfully completed compatibility testing in a Nortel lab environment, earning the complementary designation of Nortel Compatible Product.

The iServices application allows hotels to deliver easy-to-use services and information resources directly to today’s technology-savvy guests. It is designed to drive guest-focused services and information to the touch screen of a Nortel IP Phone 2007 in hotel guest rooms. It can display a variety of dynamic content such as information about hotel amenities and local attractions as well as weather, flight and stock market information.  iServices also allows guests to request service items for the room,  set wake-up times and Do-Not-Disturb status, or book restaurant reservations via a touch screen interface.

“The hospitality industry has long relied on in-room telephone/network service as a revenue source.  However, increasing mobile telephony, decreasing long-distance phone revenue and the growth of new network services are driving a rapid technological change in what communication technology is available to the hotel guest. Guests now expect feature-rich information streams, and hoteliers need to deliver it at a lower cost than ever,” said Antonio Dimilia, president of FCS North America. “FCS iServices addresses this challenge, as hotels combine all their applications (voice, TV, high-speed Internet, in-room controls and staff networking) onto one IP network infrastructure, to streamline services and add compelling new applications.”

As part of the Select Product Program, Partner Advantage contracted Nortel resellers in North America can order the iServices product through Nortel, providing Nortel customers access to FCS Computer Systems as a recommended third-party product via Nortel channel partners.

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