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SoftBrands Adds a Trio of Solutions to Growing PMS Business

  • Infor
  • 06.15.06
June 15, 2006 - SoftBrands Inc., a global leader in next generation enterprise software for manufacturing and hospitality businesses reached a milestone in its hospitality customer growth and is enhancing its current Medallion and PORTfolio property management solutions (PMS) with additional revenue generating solutions for its growing hotel customer base.

With two strong quarters from October 2005 to April 2006, SoftBrands has also sold an average of one PMS every working day across the globe from Australia to the U.K. and from Africa to the Arctic, expanding its global presence and its customer base to over 1,800 worldwide. The company has also increased the size of its worldwide direct sales force for hospitality and recently hired a director of worldwide marketing. SoftBrands is now delivering a trio of new solutions to its current and future customers including an integrated Web booking engine, html driven mail e-mail correspondence (@mail) and a new spa management solution. “Each of these solutions is offered in response to the need of independent and small group hotels as they look for new and innovative ways to remain competitive in this global travel economy,” said Steve VanTassel, SoftBrands’ senior vice president and general manager, hospitality. The Web booking engine is an online booking system that is incorporated into the Web site of a hotel to provide guests with the capability of booking hotel rooms via the Internet directly with that hotel. This allows the independent hotel to open up an entirely new direct distribution channel at a fraction of the traditional costs. @mail is a means of delivering impressive, highly personalized e-mail communications for all out going customer correspondence and works in conjunction with SoftBrands’ Medallion, PORTfolio, LANmark and IGS property management systems. The third new solution, Cerenity Spa, is a single software solution that covers all aspects of running a busy hotel to a luxurious spa - from treatment scheduling to comprehensive management analysis. Cerenity Spa will complement SoftBrand’s current RIO Leisure Management system which is in use at over 125 luxury spas. “While continuing to enhance our products, we are also ensuring our customers receive exceptional support on a global 24x7x365 basis. SoftBrands invests a higher percentage of revenues in support than any property management systems provider we know of, and we are committed to using all the tools at the disposal of our global business to continually improve customer satisfaction,” said VanTassel. By: Date: 06/15/2006 11:42:48 AM

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