Rate Tiger Enhances Channel Management Products To Meet Economic Challenges

  • eRevMax
  • 01.30.09
Rate Tiger, a leader in online channel management technologies, has launched enhanced versions of its channel management products to help hoteliers fight the economic slowdown.

RTAllocator Pro and RTShopper Pro now have additional features added to perform more advanced strategic operations in order to help hoteliers stay ahead of the game during 2009.
The enhanced features will help revenue managers to further optimize updating third party distribution channels and stay ahead of local competition.
Alongside other changes, RTShopper Pro will now allow shopping by specific room types instead of shopping for the lowest price only, will archive historical information, deliver automated daily reports, and allow customized monitoring of competitor rates.

RTAllocator’s enhanced functions allow revenue managers to further customize tax and commission setup, use calendars more smartly, map generic room types, and configure weight values as granular as per day or season.

Rate Tiger believes that the changes will enable hoteliers to keep even better control of competitor room rates and will help to increase occupancy. The Pro products as well as RTChannelmanager and RTStrategy are Rate Tiger’s supreme product suites.
“We have been building our products over the past eight years to help hoteliers sustain business during challenging economic conditions and maximize online sales,” said Andrew Morsi, CEO. “With a greater focus of consumers on the online envrionment hoteliers need to ensure they are making the most of these channels as traditional distribution methods become outdated. Most of our system enhancements are based on feedback from our customers as we continually listen to requests. This let’s us meet increasing demands from online channel management customers.”
With analyst expectations that RevPar will decrease between 10 – 12 percent during 2009, Rate Tiger will be further assisting hotels through consultation, education and support with the aim to keep business as constant as possible during the coming year.

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