NOVEXSYS System Minimizes Capital Outlays and Recurring Maintenance Costs

  • Centrada Solutions, LLC
  • 02.06.09
At a time when tightening credit is making the day-to-day operation of hotels ever more challenging, NOVEXSYS LLC offers an affordable alternative to traditional costly property management systems: an Internet-based program that minimizes capital outlays for hardware, eliminates expensive licensing fees, and can be obtained for a single, all-inclusive monthly charge.

With the NOVEXSYS system, reservations processing is handled in a secure, off-site data center, eliminating the need for hotel operators to equip their properties with expensive, specialized PMS hardware that must be protected by expensive monthly service contracts.   Instead, they can use any off-the-shelf personal computers running current versions of the Microsoft Windows® operating system.

Hotel operators also avoid the cost of purchasing PMS software – another expensive component of a traditional system – along with the cost and hassle of updating it on a regular basis, according to Leif Price, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “For the first time, upgrades are truly free,” he said.  “Whenever we update our systems, we are automatically updating all of our clients.”

NOVEXSYS also has conquered the cost, time and potential disruption involved with PMS installation and training with the option of their No Travel Install™.  Rather than burden hotels with the cost of transporting, housing and compensating an installer to be on site, NOVEXSYS installs the software, helps its clients prepare their hotel configuration and conducts training remotely through the use of Internet collaboration tools. 

“We can train a new front desk user to become proficient on the NOVEXSYS system in less than two hours because of how easy the system is to use,” Price said.

He noted that NOVEXSYS installations are also considered green, or environmentally responsible, because they reduce the equipment needed at each hotel, and reduce electricity consumption.

“NOVEXSYS is the right choice for our times,” he said.  ”We are affordable and a perfect fit for independent properties in need of a new PMS.  NOVEXSYS is also an outstanding choice for properties in need of a short-term solution to bridge the transition between franchise agreements.  Our all-inclusive monthly fee is frequently less than the monthly maintenance fees charged by traditional PMS vendors.”

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