Lion & Rose Pubs Check Bartender Accuracy with Beverage Tracker

  • Capton
  • 02.10.09
Capton announced that the Lion and Rose British Restaurant and Pubs have seen significant results using the Beverage Tracker solution as a means to check bartender pouring accuracy.

Since the day they opened the first location in San Antonio, Texas, the Lion and Rose has been known for its authentic pub atmosphere. The Lion and Rose operates three locations, with a fourth opening soon. One location was not producing the same numbers as the others. The biggest problem was that the liquor costs were significantly higher. Management knew they had a problem, but did not have a solution. They knew traditional dispensers and weighing methods were not the answer. Enter the Capton reseller for the area, RestTech and Beverage Tracker.

The Capton solution was selected after a proof of concept showed the bartenders were being careless at both the main bar in the restaurant and the smoking bar. Beverage Tracker and recipe manager software were installed on a back office PC. A simple USB RFID receiver connected directly to the PC, cabled to an antenna near a convenient area where it could provide coverage for both bars. Initially about 60 Capton pour spouts were utilized on bottles at each bar and the data from both bars then transmitted back to the Beverage Tracker software. The Lion and Rose was able to produce separate reports for the two bars being monitored by the RFID-based system, making it very easy to spot problem pouring patterns and where they were occurring.

Allen Tharp, founder and CEO of the Lion and Rose said, “The technology is liberating for an operator like us. There is no interruption in bar service, it’s invisible to our pub patrons and yet I can see when someone is off track in their drink preparation. Drink recipes are followed more consistently, and adherence to recipe standards means a better end product for our customers.”

James Mackay, COO for the Lion and Rose added, “Mistakes in our free-pour bar operation changed dramatically with the implementation of the Capton solution. Our missing drink rate dropped to practically nothing, which certainly improves liquor costs. We like the solution so much we are also putting it into our newest location.”

“Our Capton resellers and strategic partners continue to help us prove that Beverage Tracker is the right solution for any size operation from large hotels or casinos, to smaller chains and independently owned restaurants, bars and pubs,” said Scott Martiny, CEO of Capton. “We love hearing these stories.”

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