roomMaster 2000 PMS from InnQuest

  • TTI Technologies International
  • 02.12.09
TTI Technologies International announced that its Scan2PMS solution is now integrated with the roomMaster 2000 property management system from InnQuest Software Corp. of Tampa, Fla.

The interface to the TTI Scan2PMS system will enable front desk staff to capture guest information from a driver’s license or passport at checkin, and immediately download it into the roomMaster 2000 PMS. This service facilitates the instant capture of a guest’s photo, name, address, date of birth and nationality, while providing proof that the guest actually stayed at the hotel.

InnQuest’s roomMaster 2000 system is installed in more than 4,000 properties of all sizes and types in more than 80 countries. In addition to TTI’s Scan2PMS, roomMaster 2000 also integrates with all popular PBX, call accounting, voice mail, point-of-sale, movies, video checkout, electronic lock, energy management and accounting systems for increased efficiency.

“We’ve heard from our customers that they want a quick and affordable way to automate the guest ID process at checkin to better identify who is staying at their hotel and to provided an added level of security,” said Robert Paresi, InnQuest president. “In fact, automatic identification and data capture is becoming so popular that we believe it will become a routine part of the guest reservation and check-in process in the very near future. Therefore, we set out to identify the best system that would easily interface to roomMaster 2000 and be affordable for our hotels to implement immediately. TTI’s Scan2PMS came highly recommended.

“Hoteliers using this system told us that Scan2PMS instantly reduces check-in time for guests by removing the need for front-desk staff to make copies of driver’s licenses, passports or other forms of ID,” he said. “It also confirms that a guest actually is who he says is – a security concern that is top of mind for travelers and hoteliers alike. Because TTI shares both our passion for excellence in hospitality and our goal to continually improve services and solutions to provide hotels with simpler ways to manage their businesses – all while offering systems at some of the best prices available – we knew the Scan2PMS interface was the way to go.”

TTI’s Scan2PMS system:
  • Reduces check-in time for guests, enhancing customer service
  • Eliminates the need for staff to make photocopies of guests’ driver’s licenses, passports or other forms of ID while simultaneously reducing paper and printer ink inventory and costs
  • Downloads data instantly into the hotel’s Windows-based PMS
  • Captures accurate address information for future marketing efforts
  • Stores the guest’s photo within the hotel’s PMS for instant or future verification
  • Offers the option to save the entire image of the ID or just the guest’s facial photo
  • Customizes fields where each hotel can determine what data they want to capture (i.e., driver’s license and passport numbers do not have to be saved) 
Alex Lerner, TTI chief-technology officer, described the Scan2PMS as a .net application that allows data to be captured from the ID using optical-character recognition (OCR) technology. It is a customized application that can be integrated or interfaced with third-party applications using XML protocol, allowing the application to easily interface with roomMaster 2000.

“We are excited to add InnQuest to our growing list of PMS partners,” said Bridget Oliva-Werba, TTI VP sales and marketing. “Like us, they understand the challenges that travelers face every day. Security concerns and waiting in long lines shouldn’t be an added burden. Through the integration of Scan2PMS and roomMaster 2000, we are providing guests with the service, expertise and the technology that will make their stay truly exceptional while enabling the hotel to run more efficiently and more profitably.”

Oliva-Werba stressed that the benefits of using automatic ID and data capture for guest-identification are limitless. “Scan2PMS removes the risk of human error in the data entry process while simultaneously perfecting list solicitation,” she said. “How often have typos cost a hotel the inability to market to customers for future stays or, more importantly, given a guest a good excuse to file a charge-back claim with their credit-card company in order to avoid charges? The automatic data capture, coupled with our digital signatures application, provides an unprecedented level of protection for owners and operators.”

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