EZYield.com Processes 2.1 Million Rate and Inventory Changes in January 2009

  • EZYield
  • 02.18.09
EZYield.com, an originator of automated online channel management solutions for the worldwide hospitality industry, announced that a record 2.1 million rate and inventory updates were processed through the EZYield.com Web-based solution in January 2009.

This represents an increase from 700,000 rate and inventory updates in January 2008. The 300 percent year-over-year increase in volume, and 10 percent increase month-over-month beginning in January 2008, illustrates the confidence that hoteliers, property managers and revenue managers have when using the EZYield.com solution.

“Looking at these figures, which are pleasantly mind-boggling, I’m glad to know that our clients depend on us to create real and actionable business opportunities for their properties,” said Henry Danish, CEO of EZYield.com. “This number represents the tipping point for companies who don’t take advantage of online channel and yield management, and should. Travelers will use the Internet to search for specific accommodations at specific prices because the opportunities are there.”

While travelers will continue to use Internet-based travel agencies to search for their ideal property locations, prices and availabilities, there are many options available to find bargains worldwide and companies are doing everything they can to make sure they are in front of potential consumers.

“Contributing to this industry-leading 2.1 million figure are several factors: we have a great product; we know it works; we’re there for our clients; and the psychological and real economic climate that requires hoteliers to widen the scope of options to capture reservations,” said Ed St. Onge, president of EZYield.com. “These figures don’t lie. If you need to efficiently use your time to distribute rates and inventories, effectively reach the Web sites and markets of current and potential guests, and accurately achieve rate parity, then EZYield.com is the product you use.”

While marketing budgets are tightening as the economy slows down, hospitality executives are being asked to accomplish the same sales goals as before and are deciding how to best leverage their resources to accomplish those same goals. While many programs are not being funded, EZYield.com continues to be one of the best options available for return on investment (ROI) as evidenced by the continued growth of its worldwide client base.

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