Landmark New York City Hotel Adopts MTech/Digital Radio Integrated System

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 03.03.09
Less than a year ago, MTech—a leading a developer of software as a service products aimed at improving service and efficiency for the hospitality industry—responded to an industrywide need for a more effective and efficient intra-hotel operational communications tool.

The result is MOTOTRBO™ + HotSOS, an integration of MTech’s renowned Hotel Service Optimization System, or HotSOS (pronounced “hot sauce”), with MOTOTRBO™, a digital two-way radio system from communications giant Motorola Inc. that provides seamless integration of voice and data.

HotSOS enables hotels to reduce costs while maximizing and streamlining guest-services processes such as guest request and incident tracking/reporting, rapid-response internal-defect reporting and preventive-maintenance workflows. The integrated MOTOTRBO™ + HotSOS system offers the capability of sending service-order information as text to hand-held units and allows the hotel manager to, for instance, talk to security, or maintenance to talk to housekeeping, all at the same time. The system eliminates monthly cell-phone and pager costs by combining these two devices’ functions into a single device.

In short, MOTOTRBO™ + HotSOS offers hoteliers and hotel companies the most efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive means available to maximize guest services, and, in turn, guest satisfaction.

Since the integrated solution was announced in June 2008, 15 hotels (from small to large with more than 1,500 rooms) are already benefiting from the MOTOTRBO™ + HotSOS system. Among that increasing number is one of the world’s most well-known luxury hotels: The Carlyle, a New York City landmark.

According to Hikey Arch, The Carlyle’s director of information technology, the MOTOTRBO™ + HotSOS solution has been up and operating since January at the Madison Avenue hotel—and already, he said, the system’s advantages are apparent.

“The system has really automated and streamlined the workflow here,” Arch said. “Our communications is enhanced significantly, which has speeded up service delivery and increased staff productivity. I think the system’s best feature is that it supports a variety of communication devices—two-way radios, Blackberry, PDA and iPhone.”

Arch added that although the MOTOTRBO™ + HotSOS system is new to The Carlyle, the hotel staff has expressed high praise.

“Our staff has been very receptive to the new system—it keeps everyone on the same page in real time,” Arch said. “In my mind, this system is proving to be an efficient and cost-effective way to easily and successfully maximize guest services and, consequently, guest satisfaction.”

“We are extremely pleased that a prestigious property like The Carlyle has chosen to enhance its already outstanding guest services by installing the integrated MOTOTRBO™ + HotSOS,” said MTech co-founder and President Luis Segredo. “When such a fine property chooses our product, it tells us the industry that when it comes to developing solutions for improving guest services, operations and bottom-line results, MTech is unmatched.”
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