System Concepts, Inc. Debuts Hosted FOOD-TRAK Service

  • System Concepts, Inc.
  • 03.06.09
System Concepts, Inc. (SCI), an industry leader in food and beverage cost control, announced the availability of a hosted solution for its FOOD-TRAK® system.

The new offering is called the FOOD-TRAK Service, and allows clients to forego the capital budgeting and expense of purchasing equipment and/or software licenses for their in-house systems.  Clients pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee to use the Web-based FOOD-TRAK Service over the Internet. A portion of the fee can be applied toward software license purchases if clients opt to bring the system in house.  This approach allows clients to obtain the immediate benefits of food and beverage cost control without the effort associated with in-house IT projects.  SCI’s goal for the new service is to provide clients with a cost saving alternative to purchasing software licenses outright.

The FOOD-TRAK Service provides the same capabilities as the licensed approach, including technical support, free updates and the full spectrum of available training and consulting options. The hosted model also offers a variety of benefits over traditional in-house software installation, including the ability to use the system on almost any computer from any location with a high-speed Internet connection.

“We believe that the hosted approach represents a significant advantage for our clients, especially in these difficult economic times,” said Bill Schwartz, CEO of System Concepts, Inc.  “Controlling food and beverage costs can have as significant an impact on profitability as large sales increases, and we all know that increasing sales is not easy these days.  Clients who use the FOOD-TRAK Service are able to eliminate the initial investment in hardware and software as well as the need for additional IT support required to maintain servers and apply software updates.  The new FOOD-TRAK Service provides the shortest distance between two points; immediate improvement in F&B profits at the lowest possible up-front cost.”

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