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Milan-based Hotel Dei Cavalieri Deploys EzRMS™ for Improved Accuracy of Data and Improved Forecasting

  • Infor, Revenue Management
  • 03.10.09
Since implementing the EzRMS solution in late January, Hotel Dei Cavalieri is already seeing the benefits of the software’s accurate data analysis and forecasting tools, which match the independent property’s sales and marketing strategies 100 percent.

Luciano Scauri, director of business development at Milan’s Hotel Dei Cavalieri, chose to implement the EzRMS™ Core Module and Ez-QUOTE™ Additional Module. "I had the feeling that the level of accuracy in data was what I was looking for," he said. 
In addition, Scauri’s attention was caught by the user-friendliness of the software itself. He said, "The biggest reason however is that EzRMS™ also provides a recommendation per room category." Scauri greatly appreciates the Same Point In Time analysis detail in EzRMS™ that provides him with the real situation of his business. Using this information, he can validate or disagree with the system-provided recommendations.
Giacomo Broggi, of SETS S.r.l., distributor of EasyRMS’ products in Italy, was involved in the new deployment, and feels sure the implementation of EzRMS™ will continue to be a success thanks to a high-level of integration both with the PMS (two-way) and with the Channel Manager systems.
"Hotel personnel have benefited immediately, given their ability to now save time and react quickly to market requests," Broggi said. He noted that so far, EzRMS™ software has produced data that is far more accurate and analytical than the property’s previous revenue management system, which he feels is testament to its excellent configuration, as well as the efficiency of the EzRMS™ program itself. "Hotel Dei Cavalieri is a very contemporary hotel," he said. "And [it is] well suited to sales and marketing strategies that can now leverage fully the forecasting tools provided by EzRMS™."

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