Georgia-Pacific Professional Joins Green Hotels Association®

  • Georgia-Pacific Professional
  • 04.20.09
Georgia-Pacific Professional, an industry leader in towel, tissue and wiper solutions, has joined the Green Hotels Association® (GHA).

The welcoming of Georgia-Pacific Professional to the GHA is a testament to Georgia Pacific-Professional's commitment to being a leader in providing the lodging industry with the tools needed to reach environmental goals.

“We provide products and services that assist our customers with achieving environmental leadership within their industries,” said Shannon Jones, senior market development manager, Georgia-Pacific Professional. “To date, the move toward managing lodging in an environmentally responsible way is only recognized by a handful of hotels. Our goal is to help those new to the initiative determine and reach their objectives by first understanding the benefits.”

Georgia-Pacific Professional offers the industry a suite of innovative solutions that help reduce waste while creating aesthetic value with contemporary, sleek design. Products that fall within the company’s Green by Design™ program showcase seals to help customers easily understand how each product matches the EPA’s 3 Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle. 

“Hotels have a huge impact on our environment, and GHA is proud that Georgia-Pacific Professional is assisting the lodging industry in becoming more attuned to ecological best practices,” said Patricia Griffin, president of the association.  “Offering innovative ideas and products is an imperative step in accomplishing green initiatives.”

Established in 1993 to serve as an ecological educator, consultant and resource for hotels around the world, GHA provides managers with guidance on water and energy-saving practices, as well as waste-reducing measures preferred by today’s guests.

Since the 1930s, Georgia-Pacific Professional and its predecessors have pioneered systems that reduce waste. Georgia-Pacific Professional produces 200 away-from-home products containing 95 to 100 percent recycled fiber and 40 products that help companies earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Georgia-Pacific Professional works closely with its affiliated recycling company, Harmon Associates, which facilitates the brokerage of six million tons of recovered paper each year.

In 2007, Georgia-Pacific Professional began labeling the environmental benefits of its products using the Green by Design designation. Green by Design-marked products follow the EPA’s 3 R program of reduce, reuse and recycle. Georgia-Pacific Professional labels the packaging for its Green by Design qualified products with seals that designate which of the 3 Rs the product satisfies and how the particular product satisfies the relevant environmental criteria.

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