SAS® and IDeaS More Valuable Than Ever in Gaming and Hospitality

  • 04.20.09
SAS and IDeaS customers are benefiting significantly from the August 2008 acquisition of IDeaS.

As proof of the two companies’ perfect fit, SAS – a leader in business analytics – immediately began working with IDeaS to enhance and expand IDeaS Revenue Management solutions.

Combining SAS’ experience in developing statistical forecasting solutions with IDeaS’ extensive experience in hospitality industry business processes and data is giving customers the best of both worlds. IDeaS drew on SAS’ vast research and development resources to enable its customers to already benefit from more advanced, accurate forecasts. Especially important in an uncertain economy, improved forecasting is helping marketers and revenue managers make decisions that increase profits.

Not many other vendors offer the depth and breadth of SAS and IDeaS solutions for the hospitality industry. “SAS is the only revenue optimization provider capable of integrating all of the vital demand-producing and controlling areas in advanced revenue optimization and customer intelligence solutions,” said Keith Collins, senior vice president and chief technology officer at SAS. “Significant benefits came quickly when our two R&D areas began working together to solve the issues facing today’s hospitality industry. We are excited about the new analytic solutions that will come from these efforts.”

A critical milestone that SAS will achieve this year is the sharing of key information between IDeaS’ latest solutions and SAS Customer Intelligence. This information sharing will enable SAS’ customers to target their marketing offers and to better manage demand.

Unveiling more of its development road map today, SAS is working to meet customer needs by integrating IDeaS’ revenue management capabilities with SAS’ customer analytics and campaign management capabilities. This will help customers achieve total enterprise profit optimization – the next generation of revenue optimization solutions. 

“The Venetian has already derived substantial benefit from using IDeaS and SAS solutions,” said Rom Hendler, vice president strategic marketing, The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino. “It’s more important than ever to join customer relationship management and revenue management to maximize profitability. By combining data mining and revenue optimization tools, the software helps the Venetian allocate rooms effectively – based on the potential profitability of each customer and the opportunity cost of the room. Opportunities for further optimization exist and we’re looking forward to working with SAS and IDeaS to address those as well.”

Hospitality customers have high expectations that must be met in order to maintain their loyalty and satisfaction. It is essential for organizations to maximize the use of customer intelligence. SAS Customer Intelligence provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise marketing solutions to help organizations:

  • Enhance the customer experience by gaining customer knowledge and insight and maintaining a continuous customer dialogue.
  • Achieve profitable revenue growth through customer value management by retaining profitable customers and acquiring new customers.
  • Improve marketing performance and accountability by linking marketing activities and aligning them with overall company goals, while optimizing marketing expenditures.

“Brand-loyal leisure travelers are smart and successful, belong to multiple travel loyalty programs, and enjoy planning and booking travel online. Marketing leadership professionals should focus on retaining current loyal travelers, winning back past loyalists, and creating strong relationships with new travelers...” (How to Regain Travelers' Loyalty, Forrester Research, Inc., December 3, 2008)

With IDeaS’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery, ROI is fast because customers access applications over the Internet, eliminating costs for new hardware and software installation and the need for internal resources to support IT installation. Software upgrades are painless for the customer, as all changes are made by IDeaS in its data center.

Using the SAS Business Analytics Framework as a foundation, SAS offers targeted business solutions that support enterprise intelligence, customer intelligence, financial intelligence, supply chain intelligence and more – as well as turnkey solutions for various vertical markets, such as hospitality and entertainment, financial services, life sciences, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. As IDeaS incorporates such SAS’ technology and data from other SAS solutions into its solutions, customers immediately benefit.

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