INNCOM Leads New Florida Resort to Coveted LEED Certification

  • Honeywell
  • 05.05.09
When the Sandpearl Resort opened last August in Clearwater Beach, Fla., its developer had already determined that the property would serve as a prime example of how new developments can be built and equipped to be more energy efficient and environment friendly.

Today, with substantial help from INNCOM international, inc., that vision has become reality.

Niantic-based INNCOM develops, manufactures and markets room automation systems for the international lodging industry. INNCOM’s product line ranges from programmable digital thermostats to fully integrated energy management, lighting control and communication systems—all designed to enhance guest comfort, safety and satisfaction while increasing bottom line profits and being environmentally friendly.

Developed by St. Petersburg-based JMC Communities, a real-estate development firm specializing in premier waterfront properties that preserve and accentuate Florida’s natural beauty, the 253-room Sandpearl Resort was designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Because of its efforts in sustainability, the Sandpearl Resort has earned the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification -- awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council to facilities that go above and beyond required standards in energy efficiency and environment-conscious design and construction elements. The Sandpearl is one of the first in a small group of resorts to attain the LEED Silver designation.

One of the major components of the Sandpearl Resort’s energy-efficient and environment-friendly design is INNCOM’s in-room energy management system.

“Implementing energy-saving equipment like the INNCOM system is a prerequisite toward obtaining credit points toward LEED certification,” said Brian Grant, the Sandpearl’s director of engineering. “Our INNCOM system was installed during construction of the resort. The system allows the guest to maintain the comfort level they desire when they are in their room. After they leave the room or check out, the INNCOM resets to an idle set-back temperature. It also does not allow the air conditioning unit to operate if the guestroom’s sliding glass door is left open.”

D.J. McIndoe, the Sandpearl’s IT director, added that the resort’s INNCOM EMS monitors room temperatures from a central location, allowing guests to control temperatures in rented occupied rooms.

“With the INNCOM system, our rented unoccupied rooms have the temperature controlled within a small range, while unrented rooms are controlled within a much wider range,” she said. “Also, the INNCOM system features motion detectors, which determine whether the rented rooms are occupied or unoccupied. Energy consumption in guestrooms can be reduced by as much as 30 percent without compromising guest comfort levels.”

Among other special features the INNCOM EMS offers are:

  • Remote room occupancy indication
  • Remote HVAC control
  • Guestroom HVAC diagnostics
  • Peak demand load shedding
  • PMS/BMS interface
  • Automatic lighting control
  • Remote minibar access reporting
  • Remote smoke detector annunciation
“Being a partner with the Sandpearl Resort and JMC Communities is indeed an honor for all of us at INNCOM,” said INNCOM CEO Duane Buckingham. “We are especially proud to be a major contributor to the Sandpearl’s efforts to win the coveted LEED certification—one of the few resort properties to attain this important status. It is our plan to be just as involved with other lodging properties seeking LEED certification, as we continue to lead the industry in providing environmentally friendly, cost-efficient energy management systems.”

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