PSAV's Audiovisual Capabilities Light Up Clients

  • PSAV® Presentation Services
  • 05.06.09
The Denver Westin Tabor Center’s new executive boardroom, designed by PSAV® Presentation Services, creates such a favorable impression with prospective meeting clients that it could be considered an unofficial member of the hotel’s sales team.

Equipped with the latest audiovisual technology including a high-definition video monitor, touch-screen controls, video conferencing system, high-fidelity speakers and connectivity for each participant’s laptop computer, the boardroom is considered a must-see for prospective meeting clients.

“The executive boardroom is a deal-closer,” said Travis Faust, the hotel’s director of catering and conference services. “It underscores our property’s commitment to providing our clients with the most advanced presentation services available.”

For a property that depends on groups for half its revenue, the quality of meeting facilities and audiovisual services is of paramount importance. The executive boardroom’s technology exceeds client expectations, he said; “We’re creating a real wow factor.”

PSAV, a national provider of audiovisual and event technology that serves as the hotel’s in-house audiovisual supplier, orchestrated the technological wizardry behind the boardroom, which was constructed last year in conjunction with an $8 million renovation.

Brian Lagestee, PSAV senior vice president of technology, said the company’s mission was clear: Bring the hotel’s technology into the 21st century and bring a “boardroom of the future” here today, with devices to help meeting planners wow their audiences.

PSAV specified a 65-inch Sharp LCD television to serve as the room’s focal point and ceiling-mounted JBL Control® 26-C speakers that can flood the room with high-fidelity sound thanks to high-power handling, wide frequency response and low distortion.

Teleconferences are handled by a Polycom® Vortex® DSP-based conference telephone interface connected to 10 Crown Audio® boundary microphones along the perimeter of the custom-designed boardroom table.

When audio emanates from the ceiling speakers, the sensitivity, or range, of the boundary microphones automatically is reduced, or compressed, eliminating feedback, Lagestee said.

Audio and video functions are controlled with a Crestron® Electronics TPMC-8X Isys i/O™ wireless touch panel, which features an embedded microprocessor and an integrated five-way thumbpad with up/down arrow buttons.  Controls range from volume adjustment and channel selection to on-screen menu navigation.

“You walk into the room, pick up this panel and gain control over all components in the room, including ambient lighting,” Lagestee said.  “The panel intuitively leads you through the process.  To display a  PowerPoint, select ‘monitor.’ Then it will ask your location at the table.  When you give an answer, boom, you’re up and running.”

Connectivity stations placed along the table provide power for participant laptops, access to the Internet through a Cat 5 Ethernet port and the ability to project presentations and share audio files. The table’s network traffic is managed by a Extron® Electronics ISM 482 eight-input, two-output integration scaling matrix switcher.

Bob Cohen, PSAV vice president of sales, said the hotel staff appreciates the ease of use offered by the wireless Crestron touchpad.  “The usability and capabilities are there,” he said. “It’s a very comfortable system.”

Clients appreciate the fact that all audiovisual equipment is provided with the room rental, eliminating the need to specify and rent each piece separately, Cohen added. “The decision to book this room is easy," he said. "Everything is here.”

Faust said the video conferencing capabilities have enabled the hotel to attract more local clients.  “In the current economic conditions, people are looking for ways to get people together without traveling,” he said.  “Video conferencing keeps us competitive.”

PSAV Presentation Services of Long Beach, Calif., is a leading supplier of audiovisual and event technology to hotels, associations, producers and meeting planners worldwide.  The company manages presentation services for more than 800 luxury hotels, resorts and conference centers worldwide.

“PSAV is totally committed to making every live event an unforgettable experience,” said Digby Davies, PSAV chief executive officer.  “Our goal is to turn ordinary meetings into memorable experiences so the message lasts.”

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