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Self-service at Jumeirah Essex House on HotSOS Platform

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 05.12.09
The Jumeirah Essex House hotel, a luxury property owned and operated by Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, added a new item to its menu of guest-service tools.

It honed its use of the Hotel Service Optimization System (HotSOS, pronounced "hot sauce") to allow guests to make special requests directly from KoolConnect’s HD VOD (high-definition video on-demand) system, Intrigue HD. HotSOS is a guest services/response solution of Miami-based MTech, a leading developer of software and services products for the hospitality industry.

The application is an exciting use of MTech’s system. Jumeirah qualified its most-requested amenities and services and made them available to guests in a popular and easy-to-use format: the in-room media entertainment system. HotSOS enables hotels to reduce costs while maximizing and streamlining guest-services processes, such as guest request and incident tracking/reporting, rapid-response internal defect reporting and preventive-maintenance workflows.

“The system is set up so our guests can order things such as housekeeping service, room-service tray removal, toothbrush and toothpaste, and ice directly from their TV set,” said Andres Orta Castro, marketing manager at the Jumeirah Essex House. “According to our guest-service agents, these are the most-requested items. By enabling guests to order these items through the TV set, we are able to free up the telephone lines to our guest services department, and therefore provide better services to our guests.”

Quantifying the number of requests for specific services and qualifying them with “most important” status is a key feature HotSOS adds when interfaced with a hotel’s property management system, said Luis Segredo, MTech president and co-founder.

“If your guests take the time to request a specific service or amenity, then you should get it to them as quickly as possible and then thank them,” Segredo said. “HotSOS allows you to expedite these requests instantly, and the attendant fulfills the request and updates the system.  Then, an agent can call the guest back to ensure satisfaction.  With HotSOS a complete record exists of everything that was done.”

When a guest has a request but does not feel like speaking to someone, they can submit their request from the Intrigue HD customized interface. Widely recognized as one of the industry’s leading HD VOD platforms, Intrigue boasts a variety of digital services and solutions including digital art, marketing initiatives, guest messaging features, first-run Hollywood feature films, external device integration and much more. Additionally, the guest service items are available in crystal clear HD quality and enable the user to submit orders on screen. Once an in-room order has been placed, KoolConnect automatically sends the request to the HotSOS system, which communicates directly with staff via hand-held technology.

“VOD has gone well beyond movies, and today is more about using the TV as the point of in-room interaction with the guest to expand and improve their overall experience,” said Dave Tahan, chief executive officer of KoolConnect.  “KoolConnect’s integration work with MTech is a great example of how guest services can be greatly expanded via the television.”

MTech’s Segredo said, “The person fielding the request can optionally have valuable information available about the guest that includes his or her VIP level, arrival and departure date, issues from this stay, or stay history including old issues. With this information, the respondent can address the guest in the most complete fashion possible.”

Typically, hotels have a centralized guest response department. Employees call into the department to report problems or submit requests. The guest response department ends up being a dispatch center when it should be focusing on guests’ needs. This sometimes results in inefficient workflow, Segredo said.

The Jumeriah Essex House gives its guests the choice of personal attention or self service, Orta Castro added.

“With MTech’s HotSOS and KoolConnect’s Intrigue HD platform, the Jumeriah Essex House has taken is workflow one step ahead,” Orta Castro said. “Guests no longer need to call for its most-requested amenities and services. They simply order them through the guestroom TV. HotSOS then takes over with its innovative technology. The service order is created, the proper attendant is notified, and a call is scheduled for the guest agent to confirm the completion of the task. And finally, the guest history is updated and stored for future use.

“Our guest-service agents now focus on providing more meaningful services to our guests,” he said.

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