EZYield.com Adds Marketing Reach To High Tech Hoteles’ Expansion

  • EZYield
  • 05.19.09
EZYield.com, an originator of automated online channel management solutions for the worldwide hospitality industry, is proud to support the growth of High Tech Hoteles, a Madrid, Spain-based hospitality management company, and their two boutique brands: Petit Palace and High Tech.

With 45 hotels in Spain and nine more scheduled to open in 2010, High Tech Hoteles is executing a successful growth plan focused on strategically placing hotels in business and tourist capitals in urban settings near cultural, shopping and business areas. With EZYield.com providing the ability for the two distinct brands to reach their target markets, Petit Palace, branded hotels located in historical and cultural centers in the capital cities of Spain, and High Tech, branded urban hotels, modern new or totally reformed with vanguard decoration, are thriving.

“High Tech Hoteles offers a great example of how one company can utilize and grow with one technology to sell rooms to two different target markets with ease, while saving time and establishing rate parity,” said Ed St. Onge, president of EZYield.com. “While maintaining bookings from Web sites they know bring them business, High Tech Hoteles has been able to diversify the Web sites they post rates and inventories to without having to add excess time and work, while succeeding in gaining market share.”

While technology plays an important role in all aspects of building the two brands, the most important benefit is using this technology to communicate and build brand worth with the guests.    

“Technology is not just about electronics; it is about the underlying passion we have to be the best in all aspects of hospitality for our guests,” said Reyes Mañeru, revenue director for High Tech Hoteles. “For example, yes, we have plasma screens, free Wi-Fi Internet access, etc., but technology is also about showers and baths with hydromassage and sauna cabinets, and exercise bicycles in each room. It’s about being able to meet the needs of the guests’ pets. It’s about being able to offer bicycles to tour the city for free. Technology helps us reach those guests who value what we are as a brand.”

For over three years, High Tech Hoteles has been using EZYield.com to display rates and inventories to forward distribution channels in multiple languages and in multiple currencies.

“The competition amongst independent brands in Europe is very competitive,” said St. Onge. “High Tech Hoteles has a great product, are executing their business plan fantastically, and we’re honored that they chose us to contribute to their growth.”

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