Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. Launches eBuzz Connect

  • Milestone Internet Marketing
  • 06.18.09
Milestone Internet Marketing announced the launch of eBuzz ConnectTM Social Media Management System targeted at the hospitality and travel industries.

eBuzz Connect is an online social media management system for hotels, restaurants and businesses to manage online reputation and social media channels from an integrated single interface.   In addition to social media channels, eBuzz Connect also monitors online travel agency channels such as Expedia and Travelocity.   Hotels can measure their performance against social media marketing goals and benchmark their performance vs. competitors using the system.
Social media marketing is the next frontier of organic optimization.  As social media sites continue to grow in popularity, it is important for hotels to include these channels in their online marketing strategies, especially when references from these sites are considered important ranking factors by search engines. Hotels that take advantage of this trend and put an effort in managing their online reputation are seeing significant benefits in terms of online placement and increased revenue. 

Over the last few years, Milestone has collected substantial return on investment data from social media marketing efforts for several hotel industry clients (see GravitiTM for more information).  eBuzz Connect is derived from the results of these marketing efforts and focuses on the social media channels found most effective for the hotel industry.  

eBuzz Connect comes with several features for monitoring and managing online reputation and proactively marketing the hotel on social media channels.  Some of the key features include: 

- Converting social media into profits

  • Monitor, manage, respond (wherever possible) to reviews and comments on social media channels
  • Monitor performance on OTA channels
  • Reference guide for social media marketing - which channels to optimize and how to optimize
  • Demystifies how hotels can maximize gains and track performance in social media channels

- Flexible and powerful reporting

  • Actionable general manager’s summary report
  • Dashboard view and desktop delivery
  • Trend analysis – data saved for up to two years
  • Brand and group level reporting. Summarize reports by group or region, assign multiple user permissions

- Set and manage social media goals

  • Benchmark performance of hotel on social media channels vs. pre-set goals.  Goals can be relative to competitors or absolute goals.  Track performance pre- and post- changes at the hotel (construction, management change, etc.)

- Competition monitoring

  • Monitoring of performance vs. competition

- Impact IndexTM  

  • Enables focus on important items.  Sort by importance of reviews using Impact Index Rating.

The system is designed as a central warehouse for collecting and storing data from multiple Web 2.0 and social media sites and the capability to present data to the user in easy-to-read dashboard reports and desktop delivery reports.  The architecture provides an easy to navigate social media dashboard with summarized reports segmented by the type of channel such as travel reviews, blogs and news, photo sharing, videos, bookmarking and social networks and easy ability to drill down into each of the channels. 

eBuzz Connect is available starting June 23, 2009 at HITEC in Anaheim, Calif. Visit MileStone Internet Marketing in booth No. 465.

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