Teledex Receives Patent for ExpressNet® ExpressPort Adapter

  • Teledex LLC
  • 11.09.06
Teledex, a leading worldwide provider of guest room telephones for the hospitality industry, announced today it has received United States Patent #7,130,417 B1, dated October 31, 2006, for its ExpressNet ExpressPort under-phone adapter for high-speed Internet access.

The issuance of the patent recognizes the unique and valuable characteristics of the ExpressPort adapter as a powerful solution for the deployment of broadband access for hotel guest rooms.

Nicholas Steigelman of Teledex, co-inventor of the device – and the company’s western-region data products manager – comments: “We’re quite pleased to receive this patent for our ExpressPort adapter. Early on, we recognized the need for a compact, integrated solution for the deployment of broadband access in hotel rooms. We’ve found that a large number of our customers and contacts in the industry quickly appreciate the ease of installation and space-saving design that the ExpressPort provides. The awarding of this patent helps solidify ExpressNet’s position as a unique and powerful solution-set.”

Teledex CEO Ron Lesniak, also co-inventor of the device, notes: “We’re proud of the market position ExpressNet has been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time. Our customers understand that since Internet access in guest rooms is a highly visible and popular amenity, it has to work well, and the interface needs to be tidy and attractive. Our patented ExpressPort design not only saves space on the desk, it also eliminates the tangled-wire mess that’s common with other solutions. These two factors alone make ExpressNet unique and very attractive to our customers. My congratulations go out to everyone on our team who contributed to the development of this device.”

Besides providing a compact housing for a high-speed Internet access interface, the patented ExpressPort also provides significant software logic and intelligence that enables simplified integration to a hotel network, further streamlining the installation of broadband-enabled terminals in guest rooms. The company’s ExpressNet AirLink solution family utilizes the patented ExpressPort adapter to house VDSL wired and wireless access points, which use existing telephone wiring (commonly referred to as CAT 2/3 cabling) to deliver broadband connections to the network endpoints. Teledex ExpressNet installations are approaching 100,000 guest rooms worldwide.

The AirLink system brings a combination of wired and wireless HSIA to lodging properties of all types. Rooms that are installed with an AirLink wireless access point get both a wired and wireless connection. These rooms typically represent approximately twenty percent (20%) of the guest rooms at any one property; all other rooms have wireless-only access. Wired rooms can be reserved on a first-come first-served basis for those who have an immediate need, such as government or corporate guests.

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